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A box draws near! Command?

So a little whiles ago I entered a contest. Somehow out of all the awesome entries mine was picked! I was seriously over the moon, and when a box appeared today I knew it could only be one thing (my box of dildos is still a week away), and ...


Robots Wallpaper

Whats going on Destructoid? Been a long time since I've done one of these. Recently there was an Amazing 3rd year anniversairy blog post that you might have seen. I decided to make some wallpapers out of my robot picture for those who are i...


First Hertzpressions: Rondo of Swords

To be totally honest with you, this is the first Atlus game Ive ever played. I didn't even know who they were until this game, but after doing my research, I see they get a load of love from many Dtoiders as producers of the most awesomag...


British Retro Lulz: Bad Influence

Anus Mcphanus reminded me of an old british gaming program in the forums, and after watching through the old videos I could find of it I couldnt resist posting for your horror and/or amusement. Let the 90s retro action commence! I think I...


Not My Turning Point Gaming Rig

Warning: May contain pale ginger-haired skin. Those of a nervous disposition may not want to continue. Hi there, welcome to mah room guys! Let me show you around, there's beer in the fridge, help yaself. I'm afraid you caught me in the mi...


Kings of Power 4 Billion % Releasing Next Week

Paul Robertson gets a lot of attention on Destructoid, so I thought Id let everyone know who isnt Hamza that his new video is going to be released next week, the trailer of which can be seen again below. Cannot F-ing Wait. I bet Hamza h...


Retro Games With A Twist

I know a lot of people on this site really dig retro games. Im one of those people. So when I came across this I had to share with y'alls. Retro Sabotage This site shows us a different side to some of the greatest retro games. What if Pac...



Soooo following on from this post which in turn followed on from this post I once again, have clearly taken things to far. But fuck it...its saturday night and im doing bugger all else. Mxy wanted a video of this. I thought id oblige. So...



This thread from last night was great, and incidently did'nt turn into a flame war, just a very lovely debate about whaling and the consequences. Inspired by this I decided to make some badges for all you, proers, conners and fence sitters...


My Dtoid Wallpapers, Let me shows you them.

Hello all! I originally posted this as a rough in the forums, but I decided to turn it into a full blown wallpaper and I thought Id show you all the final pics....took me most of the night but it was hella fun drawing out. Hope you guys lik...


About Silverhertzone of us since 2:37 PM on 01.19.2007

Maybe ill go next-gen one day...the PS3 is looking pretty tempting. At the moment im content playing on my PC, DS & Gamecube.

Top 5 Games
Chaos (ZX Spectrum) - One of the earliest games I played, and I still enjoy it today.
Zelda: OoT (N64) - Cliche I know but this game made me open up my heart to consoles.
Eternal Darkness: Sanitys Requiem (GC) - Only got a GC recently but I couldnt put this game down.
Dawn of War (PC) - Multiplayer RTS at its best, unlike 2 - Relic WTF?
Total Annihilation (PC) - The original rocked so hard, wasn't that impressed with the 'Spiritual Successor' Supreme Commander.

Favourite Series of Games
Dynasty Warriors - Square, Square, Square, Triangle.....Circle MUSSSOOOOUUUUUUUU!!
Age of Wonders - I have a strange love for these turn-based time consumers.
Battlefield - Ever since 1942, best multiplayer action Ive found.
Delta Force - The other FPS series I enjoyed, shame Joint Ops sucked
Eye of the Beholder - Old school RPG <3
Mechwarrior - Giant mechs blowing the crap out of each other? Whats not to love. I miss you FASA.
Elder Scrolls - Tasty RPG sannwiches

My Arts
My Animation Stuff