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Fun fact, I use to never level endurance in dark souls. In fact I only did it after I played bloodborne, but it's interesting how the game was design in a way that was a viable strategy. I still feel dirty leveling into hp because of ds3


So I got into the rhythm of elden ring yesterday and beat [] and 2 over world bosses, and a convoy. My character is finally getting there with me


House sitting is weird. I don't have a dog, and don't plan on ever getting another pet, but taking care of someone else's dog is kind of a vacation. Especially when she's such a good girl


So the world could very well be ending, but on a lighter note elden ring sold between 5-10 million copies on pc, and Bandai gave the staff a 50k yen raise.


In the last week I have been to a funeral and a wedding. Both for people I actually care about, so obviously video games aren't really on my mind. I got to start elden ring, and got to redacted, and the story is real good so far


I know a lot of people don't like metacritic scores (and or my analysis of them) but they are useful for measuring hype towards a game. Even if this drops, the only other game to apex at 98 is God of 4 continued in comments


I wonder if the recent successes of p5, and smt5 will factor into this game? Is smt becoming mainstream?


I wonder if YouTube has thought about haptic feedback for let's plays. It seems like a natural next step, and would solidify it as the de facto video ap for a bit longer. Also, it could reasonably be used by the youtubing public.


Sifu's the game edgy kids in like 5 years will point at and say "they don't make games like these anymore" Meanwhile another "they don't make these anymore " game has released


There's too much judgment in what form and kinds of entertainment people like. I'm certainly guilty of it, and have been a victim of it. My question of the day, response or no, is why?


I knew infinite was going to get some great clips from him.


Satire is dead, and irony is now just a misspelling of "ironing."


I've stepped off the drawing grind, but I'm on the phone today and belted this out


Shameless single bump for exposure and correction. If anyone wants to grind ranks with me my xbl is solubletulip45


Next you'll tell me you lost money with nfts too.


There are roughly 3760 hours in the year you aren't at work or sleeping (assuming you work 2040 hours and get about 8 hours of sleep a night) I spent just under 1/3 of that on playstation


If you're a fan of so called boomer shooters with the flexibility of metroidvanias, I heavily suggest checking out enchain. Despite being in early access (there's a free demo, and I didn't even see an option to "buy" it) it is very fun (if not still jank)


What wiafus will elden ring bring us? Time will tell


It is looking like I'm going to join the military soon. Here's a Saturday comic


Yet another reason to love cardi b. Even though I don't think I've ever listened to her, she's funny af and apparently charitable


Microsoft stands by the Activision employees. That's why they're keeping kotick, they want to show you no matter how awful of a person you are, there's a place in the Microsoft monopoly


Idk how much of a hot take this is, but okumura's palace sucks a lot. I'm playing through p5 (hopefully finishing it this time) and the animation for the lunch break are way too long and the space puzzles are nonsensical


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