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Paper Danmaku: a Touhou Card Game design.

Note: Hi there! This time, I´m lending my blog to a friend, Firebrand, who wants to share some ideas for a collectible card game based on the characters and setting of the Touhou Project. Should be fun for you theory crafters out...


From Software, With Love: Fear The PaleBlood

As I did before with Dark Souls (both the original and it's sequel), this are just some of my thoughts on the game after beating it. As always, spoilers abound, so thread with care!. I'm quite torn on deciding if this is indeed the sh...


Final Thoughts: Persona 4 - Golden

Disclaimer: This being final thoughts, there are a lot of Spoilers ahead. You've been warned! Confession time: I absolutely loathed Persona 3 Portable. Being told it was a must have as a PSP/Vita owner, bought it when on sale and was sever...


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