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A celebration of times begone: My favorite memories about Castlevania

To keep it short, I don't like the direction Konami has given to the franchise this (last?) generation of consoles. I could write a lot about the change from platforming to brawler combat, the tone shift towards drama, the change from a boasting Dracula towards a moping one... but isn't writing about things you don't like like, you know, giving them even more attention? So let's instead, celebrate all the cool things Castlevania has given us during it's 25 well aged years!

(For best results, please turn up the volume and chill out to this humble playlist)

1.- The opening cutscene, showing� this generation�s Belmont ready to challenge Dracula.

While most games of the NES era (and a few of the first batch for the SNES) just threw the player directly into the first level after pressing start, Castlevania made a tradition of showing a short cutscene of the Belmont in turn standing in front of Dracula's Castle, contemplating with resolve the oncoming trial. Some even had a little animation!

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