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Brawl Stars 2021 Review


Supercell, also the creators of Clash of Clans, know how to make good games. Brawl stars is one of them. For a mobile game, it has graphics better than Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch! The visuals are absolutely stunning, and although you only really see characters heads in gameplay, the lobby is a work of art. The only small downside that I would like SuperCell to work on is adding several modes, as there is a lack of them.


Right from the get go at launch, you are put into a tutorial  that represents the actual gameplay, with no annoying NPC's to slow you down in most tutorials by telling you stuff you really already know, unless it's the first game you have ever played. After around five to six minutes, you are ready to go and can already start unlocking battle pass tiers, upgrades for your first brawler and in after two or three games, I already had three, which is great in the sense that  to get characters you don't have to buy them through pesky micro-transactions or with an in game currency, such as VBucks or Apex Coins.

In a similar league of legends style, you are put into different maps in a MOBA art style, but with much better and sharper visuals. The default mode is called Gem Grab, in which gems fall out of the center of the map and the first team (3V3) to get 10 gems and to secure there gems for 15 seconds wins. A mode that I recently unlocked is the battle royale mode, also known as showdown, still with a relatively small map but toxic waste starts to spawn in, like the storm in several BR's and if you go in it you will eventually die after you lose all your health. So far, there is only a Solo and Duo Mode, so I hope that Squads will soon be available.


Brawl stars is an absolutely amazing game. I am stunned that it can even run on mobile and with 46 brawlers and the new Season 6 Battle Pass, this game is definitely worth your time.

SCORE: 8/10- Great

- The greatest streamer alive- Some random guy that watches memes

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