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Creator's Diary: Entry 1

Do you ever get that feeling where a great idea enters your head, just as you're milling about the house, washing up or having a shower? Does that idea often beget other ideas, until these ideas teeming from your head become a vision f...


The Xbox Game Pass taking us for a ride?

Wowza so who doesn't love that this here newfangled Xbox Game Pass? "It's Netflix for video games!" I hear the eager masses howl. "Every new Microsoft exclusive will come to the Game Pass, no extra cost to the consumer, just the exist...


About Shades of Gregone of us since 3:40 PM on 01.19.2018

I write with all the panache and style you'd expect from South East England's least prominent historian of Victorian Ghosts and 18th Century Chinese Pirate anal sex power dynamics.

Against my better judgement, I play video games like many people might experience water. I'll consume a bunch of it with meals, and once a day I'll immerse myself in an all-consuming orgy of video games as nakedly as possible, in order to feel clean.

But seriously ...

I'm a polite young chap with a zeal for gaming and games culture, and in the next few months (hopefully) I'll have a purty degree in history to flash in people's faces, to give off the illusion of respectability I desperately crave.

When the time finds me, I love to game. Hence why I'm here. I'm sure we all have that in common. I also love to debate and have opinions and stuff. I'm so sorry.