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4995 cohosts in the line, 4995 cohosts. Take one down, pass it around: 4994 cohosts in the line. 4994 cohosts in the line, 4994 cohosts...


Qtoid is the only social media I've ever known. Chatrooms make me anxious, and I won't be caught dead on Twitter. But I'll try this Cohost thing out, and maybe peak my head in Discord now and then. https://cohost.org/ShadeOfLight


Kinda meh Direct overall, but Mario RPG and a new Peach game save it easily. Also, I really hope most music in Mario Wonder will be a capella. That's a wonderful idea!


After 120+ hours, I finally feel like playing non-TotK games again. Still missing sidequests, probably some shrines, and a bunch of misc stuff, but I feel satisfied for now. I saw Neon White on sale, and that seems like a fun new project.


Into the Spider-verse is one of my favorite movies, so I went to see Across. Did not like it at all. They turned an emotionally hard-hitting self-contained story into a quippy MCU sidepiece. The art's still great, but man the writing went down-hill.


My favorite new character from TotK is this guy with penis hair who is consistently baffled by the concept of support structures. A rare sentence, but there you go.


Day 2 of Zelda: finally doing a Shrine I set as a waypoint literally over 10 hours ago...juuust as soon as I check that cave over there.


Day 1 of Zelda, times I've forgotten I have Ascend and Rewind: too damn many. Don't sleep on 'em, they're good!


BotW was always special to me because it's one of the very few games I've played that never felt limiting. Every time I thought to myself "I wonder if this might work..." the answer was invariably "Yes". Can't wait for TotK to experience that again.


When I got Advance Wars I did not expect it to have what is now already my favorite OST of the year, but here we are.


Currently playing Cereza and the Lost Demon. The whimsy and the art carry it more so than the gameplay, but I'm having a fun time with it. Good and relaxing game.


I went to see Suzume yesterday, on premiere day. It was incredible! Your Name is a tough act to follow, but I liked this just as much. Gorgeous, I adore how they animated the chair, fantastic music, and of course the emotional hits are all there. Amazing.


I never doubted Tears of the Kingdom...but goddamn that trailer has me hyped.


Yoda friend! I've made this once before, when I was just starting out, but way better this is. Had good paper for it, and spent probably twice as long as necessary to get it just right. Was worth it! Designed by Fumiaki Kawahata.


I really enjoy the Amsterdam track in Mario Kart 8. Not as many famous landmarks, but racing through the canals is a very fun touch. I will say though, probably some of my least favorite music in the game. But given it's the Dutch stage...yeah checks out.


Space Pirates: "We will make them pay for their arrogance, for even ghosts can be destroyed." Also Space Pirates: "Our science bros tried to roll people into balls. It didn't work. We nope'd out of that with quickness."


Why yes, I do own Metroid Prime like three different ways now. Why no, I don't regret it. Stupid game is just too dang good.


From early reviews, sounds like Octopath 2 still has the problem of party members disappearing during each other's story beats. Such a shame! I loved everything about the original except that. Especially since Live-A-Live showed anthologies done right.


Baten Kaitos remasters WHAT?! Hold me.


One hour into Hi-Fi Rush, and this is great so far. I'm not musically gifted by any means, but games where the environment moves to music are always a blast. Fun game, no bullshit, lovely art and writing that reminds me of Spider-verse; oh yeah, I'm in.


I'm somewhat surprised by how well FE is reviewing, and after I decided I could probably skip at that. Gonna wait for a bit more word-of-mouth, but otherwise I might still have to get on this after all.


Just finished Pokémon Violet, and I must say that I really liked the endgame. It went places I didn't think it would go! If this game ran properly, it would've easily been my favorite in the series since the 2D days.


Puppy friend! This one turned out very nice, and I really like the design on this guy. Designed by Muneji Fuchimoto.


Over the holiday I finally got myself Elden Ring. I really enjoy it so far; the level design is fantastic and the characters are neat. That said, I've fallen completely out of love with Soulslike storytelling. It's all just grandiose gibberish to me.


Turns out that this year for Christmas I got COVID. Worst possible time, too!


Steadily progressing through Persona 5; it's really rather good. I think I'm somewhat nearing the end, and by now I'm getting to the point of "going through the motions" waiting for the credits. In fairness, it took over 85 hours for that feeling to hit.


Who's that Pokémon? It's an origami Dragapult! Despite everything I'm quite enjoying Pokémon. I caught a Dreepy the other day, so I was inspired. This was more complicated than expected, but I really like how it turned out. Designed by "sakusaku858".


I'm really enjoying my time with Persona 5 on Switch! I was worried because I had seen some very awkward localisation in P5, but it seems Royal fixed a lot of that! Still major overuse of the stock phrase "To think..." though. Who says that?


I caved and bought Pokémon (although GF wanted Scarlet, so I got Violet and have to miss out on sexy cavewoman professor), and I found both Persona 5 and Harvestella on sale. Basically, I'll have shit to play for approximately the next year.


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The Dutch one, Grand Marshal of the Nintendo Defense Force, heckler of GajKnight, and zen personified; I am ShadeOfLight, one of your Community Managers .

I'm a Dutch law PhD who loves to play the vidya. I'm a Nintendo-fanboy at heart, and I could play Zelda games continuously from now until the end of time. I also used to be on the Cblog Recaps team for Thursdays, and I did that for 4 whole years.

Next to Zelda I'm also obsessed with the Monolith Soft RPGs Xenoblade Chronicles and the Baten Kaitos series. I will not pass up the opportunity to mention them, ever, and I consider myself to be Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean's biggest fan. I'm fairly certain Monolith Soft exists specifically to make me happy.

Being the good Nintendo fanboy that I am, the Switch is the new love of my life. I'm on a steady course of turning it into a Nintendo + Indies machine, as Iwata intended.

Even a list of my favorite games across all platforms will be dominated by Nintendo and indie, with a few wild cards here and there.

Besides gaming itself, I like reading up on gaming-related news on my favorite website in the whole wide world: Destructoid. I'm pretty much here all the time. I love all the people here, and I'm glad that I get to be a part of this whole thing. Wouldn't know what to do without you!

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