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Here are some answers, now AMA!


Going full Jeopardy! up in this mother.

There's been a whole lot of AMA going around. That's fine, but what fun is it to wait for a question and then provide the answer afterwards? No fun at all, obviously!
So I've decided to cut out the middle man and provide you with some answers to unknown questions. You can come up with the questions yourselves, and make them as silly and disturbing as you need to!

Of course, you can also still Ask Me Anything that wasn't answered yet. But first, let's get to it!

- Blue with red polkadots.

- The writer of Dracula.

- Penguins.

- Only if I can fondle your butt first.

- Yes, when I was 5.

- Oh man, don't even get me started.

- Being a motherfucking sorcerer.

- I think they played well, but they never did quite regain their old form.

- Eevee.

- Marry Hawkeye, fuck Iron Man, kill Captain America.

- Marry Wonder Woman, fuck Batman, kill Supes.

- I honestly don't know, but if I had to guess I think cheese.

- Nuke it. It's the only way to be sure.

- Since 2010, but only on Wednesdays.

- Prima, maar je kunt het toch niet lezen.

- Nietzsche's mustache.

- That depends, but usually a B is plenty.

- Taking Anna Kendrick out to dinner, and pretending she was never in Twilight.

- Neither. Midriffs and belly buttons all the way.

- Trip.

- Gordon Freeman, in the library, with a crowbar. 

- Joining up with Cthulhu to make fun of Nyarlathotep behind his back.

- Probably.

- Motoi Sakuraba, David Wise, Ari Pulkkinen, ACE+, and whoever did NieR.

- Happy ending massages.

- Yuengling was the only tolerable one I've had.

- Peace on earth, respect for human rights, and for Xenoblade Chronicles X to be out.

- A huge pile of Dtoiders all doing the nasty.

- Hey now, that's not something you ask a lady!

- Take a wild guess.

- Titania, Queen of Fairies.  

- Long walks on the beach while waving the Canadian flag around in the hopes that senpai will notice me.

- January the 27th, 1956.

- Hip-hop. Can't stand it.

- 101 uses for a banana.

- Of course!

- Female.

- That time I went hiking with David Copperfield and we discovered an ancient temple filled to the brim with platypus-people. Hijinks ensued.

- I haven't played that game in ages, but it was really good at the time.

- New Zealand. I absolutely need to visit The Shire someday.

- If it's absolutely necessary then yes, I would.

- Lawrence vs. Texas. That case was decades overdue. We don't talk about Scalia's dissent.

- Skydiving into a hot tub full of chocolate pudding.

- Cats. Catscatscatscatscats. CAAAATS.

- 87. And counting.

- Either going to the Pentagon and finding out that they have a mall in there, or seeing the Empire State Building Christmas lights from the Top of the Rock.

- It's not so bad to be honest, but you absolutely have to remember to bring a rubber ducky or you're screwed.

- Cats though.

- I blame public education, personally.

- You, silly.

Well, I hope that answered some of the many lingering questions you may have about little old me. Of course, you're still going to have to come up with the questions these answers belong to. Or perhaps I'm just sending you on a wild goose chase because many of the above answers aren't really answers at all but just random things that popped into my head.
But I wouldn't do that to you, would I?
I would.
Or would I?

Anyway: I'm your Dutch Nintendo-loving, people-appreciating, law-studying, IRL lonely but on Dtoid usually in good spirits, longtime-reading, shady Thursday Recapper and recent Robot; ShadeOfLight.
Ask me anything.

- Us heroes, we have so much to do

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