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My Dualshock 4's left stick is acting up. Does anyone have any experience with that? Does it make sense to try and open it up or should I just buy a new one?


Any digital-only PS3 games I should buy before it's too late? (I mean stuff I can't find on Steam or GOG obviously)


Let us not forget the women that are behind the stuff we play. This is Amy Hennig, creative director of Uncharted 1-3 (and of the original draft of 4, before she was replaced by Druckmann who gave us a very good game but nowhere as ambitious as hers)


My pick for #indietoid. It is far from perfect and tries too hard to be a Telltale game, but it isn't afraid to openly tackle political and historical themes and taught me a lot about Iran. Too bad it ends with a cliffhanger and never got a sequel.


Remedy wasting their talent (and their worldbuilding!) on a F2P multiplayer is horrible news to me. But hey, the Alan Wake TV show, which I thought had been canceled, is making progress! https://twitter.com/Nibellion/status/1336682245868941317


On a CRPG binge (Fallout 2 then Planescape Torment then Tides of Numenera or Pillars). Are there any less-known titles I should add to the list?


Replayed Alan Wake. Starts slow, but from the fourth chapter on it becomes amazing. The way the game uses different media is impressive as well. Can't wait for the sequel (in a couple years, if Control is to be trusted).


Hey guys, I'm trying to install another language for The Last of Us 2 (I normally play in English but I wanted to install Italian to let my family play too), but it gets stuck in a weird state where it says it's copying but the disk is not even spinning.


Might have a micotic infection on my forehead. Do y'all think I'll turn into a Clicker?


What's that thing where you move characters (or sometimes things) on a screen using a controller or keyboard & mouse called again?


Scratch my last post. I will never understand Qtoid. Just listen to this album. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mvn1FYbapCU&list=OLAK5uy%20&index=1


https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy%20 Deus Ex soundtrack remixed by the original composers. Not sure I like it.


Hey, how come DToid hasn't reviewed Desperados III yet? Is there some kind of embargo?


I think I've almost finished Fallout. Heck, CRPGs are very fun, but somewhat tiring. I think I'll have a mindless Halo 2 break before moving on to the revered Fallout 2.




Nintendo Direct predictions: Miyamoto 2


Not sure how I feel about Breath of The Wild 2's stylistic choices.


The janitor at my new college has a strong North European accent. Should I ask him if I can borrow his Walkman?


What about Gold, Silver and Bronze Games tho


Is anybody playing Control on PC with a Dualshock 4? I can't get it to work...


Do you think that using the Wii U gamepad to turn on the TV and play with the PS4 is unfair towards the Wii U?


Remember that time Sega fucking put a song that explicitly talks about Mario in their exclusive game? The only thing that beats this is the F1 car sporting the PlayStation 2 logo on F1 Career Challenge for the GameCube.




Connection at home is crap. Is there a way I can download Steam games on my laptop elsewhere and then move them to my gaming PC?


Spoilarz for Detective Pikachu and a Nintendo DS cult classic in the first comment


Can you think of a single video game main character who pulls up a hood or does anything else to avoid getting wet when it rains?


PSA: Kingdom Come 1.8.1 patch (7 gigs heavy) is out and you can grab the new DLC for 8 eurobucks.


The mayor of Rome definitely copied her outfit from AC Odyssey's Kassandra.


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