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Birthday haul is… FOOD! Specifically, 2.5lbs of fajita beef and 1lb of fajita chicken, curtesy of the moms <3 If you don't mind, this'll be me the rest of the day.


I'M OFFICIALLY 31 YEARS FUCKED! If you don't wish today, for me, to be happy, you are, honestly, not a good person. Image unrelated (or so you think).


Happy Thanksgiving! May your harvest be thicc af.


I got Deathloop half off on Steam and am downloading Halo Infinite's MP. I'm so much excite! Just hope that my aging GTX 1080 will be enough to handle these titles on at least medium settings.


Playing SMTV has revigorated my interest in MegaTen, in that I'm curious of playing the much earlier entries. Thankfully, SMTII has an English patch and the original is even more easily emulated. Not sure if I'll bother with Megami Tensei, though...


So, bold move: I'm FINALLY releasing my Shin Megami Tensei tribute soundtracK in two parts. This first part being location themes, conversation tracks, cutscene scores, etc. This is 4+ years in the making, so please DO A FEEDBACK! (comments) (FINAL BUMP)


So very happy to see SMT enjoying a noticeably more attentive success with SMTV. Twitter even deemed it relevant enough to give its hashtags their own emoji! Now lets ride that hype wave by remastering Digital Devil Saga, Raidou and Persona 3. Shaka brah!


When I hee-hold you in my arms...


Happy B-Day An-Day! I remember spending far too much time on this, but it (probably) was (almost) worth it in the end <3


You ever feel like complete garbage, so you decide to get up in the early morning, get dressed, clean, polish, vacuum, wash clothes and, finally, make a double variety pack of potato snacks? Just me, maybe? Well, at least I feel better!


Well, that was a pretty nifty boss fight.


I don't post politics here often, but I got several hardy laughs out of this.


Sex demon asking the important questions.


Renaud's Siege post inspired me to meme that anti-union video parody from the latest Last Week Tonight. For context, everyone but the heavier fella is pro-union and are propagandizing. Very evil!


I feel like this is essential watching.


I've finally reached the point in my physical build playthrough where I'm about to absolutely wreck house. The "Aha!" factor. Was unsure whether to keep Beatdown, but I'm so glad I explored as well as I did and found Bicorn's essence!


Decided to put on an old coat in JohneAwesome to see if he was doing SMTV and wouldn't ya know it! So, for anyone curious, he's basically Nothernlion for JRPG's. Similar voice cadence, similar talent to make the mundane interesting to watch.


Happy Birthday, Turbo! Have a beautiful stream to match your beautiful self.


The Mandrake is obviously a paid actor.


Shin Megami Tensei V is officially available to play for us digital pre-purchasers! Nearly 5 years of hype culminates here. To celebrate, enjoy a NSFW (but still hopefully mod-friendly) image of its player character in the comments. Time to go kill god.


Anyone know what time (11:00pm CT tonight? Shop refresh tomorrow morning?) I might be able to play my SMTV pre-purchase?


The perfect video game doesn't exi-


Will link Elden Ring previews from my trusted YouTube sources in the comments, but here's 30 minutes of narrated gameplay from Vaati for you masochists.


No thanks. I'd rather my colon explode. (Lost In Vivo)




I don't have the tenacity to respond to everyone, but thanks for the kind words earlier. Until my next psychiatric appointment, I'm trying to stave off my depressive bouts and unhealthy eats with "fuck you" energy. I don't wanna shower? Fuck you. Shower!


Hey, fellows. I honestly trust you guys more than a cursory glance of the internet and I'm too far out from a psychiatric appointment. So, mental health discussion and all that in the comments...


Oh wait, Scruff too!? Happy Birthday to you, as well! I once talked with them over Discord and it was awful


Lost In Vivo is actually starting to give me knots in my stomach. I'm not someone who necessarily gets claustrophobic, but it's a little hard to play at times. Which is its intention, granted. Almost like a first-person Silent Hill 4, but good!


It's Moyse's big (dick) day! Have a very happy one, from a fellow November baby.


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