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I feel like I might be not quite ready for Farum Azula, eh? I handed the Fire Giant a fat 'L' within maybe 7 or 8 tries, for what that's worth.


Super addicted 10 Minutes Till Dawn (the pretty beefy demo version to the upcoming 20 Minutes Till Dawn)! Found a build that fucking popped OFF with shotgun + lady w/fire wave every third shot + all the other cool fire skills + stacking projectile buffs.


I found a new progressive politics bro that makes me envious of their looks, but also gives me heavy "if Jonathan Holmes were gay and not bald" vibes.


I was watching Markiplier play The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe and he came across something I think we can all appreciate... (spoilers in comments)


Steam's discovery queue isn't as scary-accurate as Spotify's own recommendation algorithm, but I've added well over a dozen more games to my wishlist as well as purchased 4 others since I began feeding my curiosity about an hour ago.


So, a YT documentary on New Coke is what invariably sent me down a rabbit hole I do not regret going down.


I'm about to fart... (spoilers in the comments) (UPDATE: Here we go again!)


Not gonna lie, my character be lookin' based.


Came back to Elden Ring to clean up a couple left behind ruins and forts, as well as finally attempt Radahn again and... (spoilers)


Desktop version of Dtoid not working for anyone else?


A new avatar... awaits! HUZZAAAAAHHHH!


I've finally lost enough weight that I can actually start to color-coordinate older and older clothes so that I have even a semblance of drip! #selfietoid


Holy fuck this works way too damn well.


Such a classic moment.


I think I'm gonna start a new, HEALTHY habit. If someone references something I'm unaware of, I read a word I don't know the definition of, etc. I'm gonna look it up immediately like boom now I've raised my INT stat. Image unrelated.


Impeccable. Even the goddamn vocals are 100% on point.


Anyone remember that classic Warner Bros cartoon, "Punch Trunk"? Well, someone made a game based around it, using the audio in splices, with some great (albeit simplistic) work on the animations.


On a lighter note, I just discovered these videos and they are splendid.


America, the beautiful.


Was watching Northerlion's recent Peglin VOD. He read what must've been a bitty donation that said "Just waiting for a Guitar Hero roguelite." and I think I pre'd.


You motherfuckers take the little things for granted. I had been using an on-screen keyboard for the past week, until now. Halle-fucking-lujah. Image unrelated.


Until Backpack Hero, we have another, more explicit borrowing of RE4's thunder with "Save Room". And, ya know what? It's more than worth the 2 bucks so far! I love, love, love that this is a thing.


Here's a #Selfietoid from 2016, and one of my favorites. Back when Trump was easier to laugh off as a meme. I hope to, sooner rather than later, get back down to this weight!


So, that makes 3 Souls bosses I've beaten on my first try. Bloodborne's Father Gascoigne, Elden Ring's Margit and now Godfrey (shade). Woo!


Well, this was just delightful.


In order to continue satiating my Elden Ring addiction (during de-stressor breaks), I've been seeking out others playing it and watching. Got Game Grumps and Northernlion on the reg. Anyone you're watching?


Just hit the Leyndell Royal Capital and my explorer boner is fucking raging~ Incredible world design here.


Fappy Burpday, grandmama Occams! Hope it was a fabulous one.


iDubbbz voice: "Hey, that's pretty good!"


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