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PSN's Rain: A brilliant joy, innocently ruined


Imagine if all Journey did was catalog your adventure and tell you what you should be doing at that moment.�

"The creature saw the mountain in the far distance. That was where it was heading."

"The creature spotted a friend!"

"They began to play and work together."

"An odd, scarf-like entity popped out of the sand. What was that?"

"The creature began to slide down the sandy slope."

It probably wouldn't suddenly make Journey a bad game, given it's incredibly high quality otherwise, but wasn't it real nice to not have any sort of UI? No narration? No subtitles? Nothing but you, the game, and this anonymous friend you made that you ended up playing alongside.�

And Rain feels like it should've been designed similarly. So much so that it makes these subtitles all the more obnoxious. Like Journey, Rain is a very simple experience taking place in a world, to you, that is very unfamiliar with a person you befriend and grow very attached to. But, unlike Journey, any sort of discovery, small or big, is left up to the developers to explain. And then you're like "Yeah. I know.".

I may one day come back to it with a more open mind, knowing what to expect. But, right now, I think I'll replay Flow, Flower, and Journey. As I've been meaning to for so long. My soothing indie crave that Rain's release left with me shall be satisfied, dammit.

Maybe a little Proteus too.
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