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My 7th Gen: Despite all my rage...


With people able to, within reason, create and upload anything they want, YouTube, over the years, has grown from a simple video sharing service to a legit business for some people. Something people are passionately involved with.

It's an Internet giant. And it's awesome. 

Most of what I've found myself watching has been gaming content. Two Best Friends Play, Game Grumps, JonTron, kitty0706, GameTheory, TotalBiscuit, Cr1TiKaL, etc. 

Hours upon hours of insight and hilarity. It's been a daily routine. I can't live without my YouTubes. One might even say it's "addicting". There's always someone else awesome I've yet to discover and all my favorites are always uploading more shit for me to watch!

The Internet's golden age has yet to pass. And may it never end. For at least as long as YouTube is around, I will happily be pouring many more hours into it by supporting the best channels and making my own crap. 

Whether it's the rise of YouTube, the progress we've made with understanding how games are made or how they can be made, or the amazing friends I've made, I can point to any one single good thing about this last generation and think to myself "It hasn't been that bad at all.". 

Not even considering all the wonderful games that have come out in just the last couple years.

Also, this was a thing.

I think some may not fully realize just how long we've been in this 7th generation of video games.

Since late 2005. It is now late 2013. I've, personally, been gaming this generation since the very start of my late teenage years. I'm now about to turn 23. How in the hell, am I right? My best teen years, my entire adult life, has been spent with this here 360, PS3, Wii, and gaming notebook. 

Mother of mercy! AND it's far from over! My newfound sense of a decent budget and my backlog have made sure of that. 

Oh, and this is the first generation that I've actually had a legit backlog. Thank you, everlastingly short attention span!
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