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I want to hear your Deadly Premonitions

I finished the cult hit Deadly Premonition not 24 hours ago. And, of course, it's still very fresh in my mind. The story (no spoilers, so read on) is one of the greatest I've experienced and it's everything else is certainly memorable in ...


Game and Wario: A game where that just happened

I essentially gave the final boss a toothache in order to expose his weak spot for massive damage.  That just happened.  Oh, but, is that not stupid enough for ya? Surely it isn't, for you jaded types. I'll bite.  Here's the real bom...


What are your top 5 biggest DO WANT's of E3 2013?

Grudges against Microsoft and Sony aside, all that bullshit (coupled with the post-conference bullshit) cannot topple the sheer amount of mystery that comes with each year's E3. New consoles, new technology, new games. Admittedly, not ne...


Jill Valentine's Butt Review

How many total seconds have I lovingly stared into Jill's butt? That's a question I cannot answer. But, it's a question I frequently ask myself nonetheless.  Her butt ain't all that badonkadonkin', but it's a solid B. At the least. I thi...


[VIDEO] Kinect: I'll be watching you

Originally, I was going to do a blog on my disappointments with the Xbox One reveal and the news that followed from various sites attempting to plug for answers and details.  But, I was tired of being the passionately angry gamer type. I g...


Evoland Review: Devolving the Evolution

Throughout my childhood, it was the 90's. What an age. A time when adventure games (and the occasional session of Mario Kart or LEGO Racers) were, by far, the best kind of games. 2D platforming king Donkey Kong Country 2, 3D adventure ki...


Saints Row IV - What Could, Shouldn't and MUST Be Done

I didn't wanna overhype myself at the site of an update from Saints Row's Facebook page showcasing the Saints Row IV logo. I came this close to losing my proverbial shit. However, I continued to scroll down and would happily ponder the po...


Why Persona 4 laughs at Ni No Kuni and calls it filth

At this point, I've spent about an equal amount of time with games Persona 4 and Ni No Kuni. Both Japanese, both RPG's, both with extraordinarily long build-ups to something (presumably) greater, but only one has truly impressed me thus f...


Backlogging with ADHD: IMPOSSIBRU

I try. Everytime, I try. I just can't. It's a serious problem as a gamer, to not be able to goddamn finish even the games that impress enough to make me WANT to continue playing them whilst my will just isn't there. No matter how much m...


Horror Story: I wanted to stop playing Silent Hill

I have written about this very experience... twice now. Once for my impressions of Silent Hill, and the other for that look into my experiences with horror games in general, which is probably my favorite blog I've done. And which is why I...


DmC: Devil May Cry First Impressions - Fuck

It feels as if anything I say about DmC will not matter. I haven't played DMC1, or DMC2, and I've played very little of both DMC3 and DMC4. Suffice to say, I'm hardly even a casual fan of the franchise with this latest installment being my ...


4,682 words about my Wii U

I made my physical Christmas list a bit late. But, early on, I asked for one thing: a Wii U. A Wii U to enjoy. A Wii U for me. A Wii U.. so I could say I have the latest, greatest! While it isn't the greatest console ever, I'm thoroughly i...


Developer Call: Don't Waste My Time

Please?! I mean, I had to sit and muster through one of the worst experiences I've had as a gamer just yesterday, Christmas evening. It involved my 5 year old cousin, a 3DS and a truly horrible little game called Epic Mickey: Power of Il...


2012: Something I haven't already talked about

I've already begged you to purchase Journey. I've already been over how wonderfully emotional The Walking Dead is. And dammit, those are my 2 favorite things about this past year. What the heck am I going to do here? I don't really do a l...


Scumbag Gamer: Dark Souls' New Difficulty

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills! Am I reading all this correctly? It feels as if the majority of the people who reacted to this idea of Dark Souls having an "Easy Mode" option (here on Dtoid anyway, a community I thought knew better than...


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Halo: Combat Evolved
Left 4 Dead 2
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