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♪ Everyday is great at your Junes! ♪ (FINAL DAY)


[Everyday during the month of June is Persona 4 appreciation day! Come see for yourself, and get in touch with our products!]

I'm flustered at the amount of praise my Persona blogs have gotten over the past week and a half. Sweet as candy. You are all my little Tootsie Rolls. 

However, I regret to say that it's become too much of a burden and in more ways than one. I was still getting a kick out of flexing my creative muscles and trying to somehow come up with a way to discuss 3 hours of mostly grinding and Social Link'ing that felt both humorous and interesting, but turning playing Persona 4: Golden into more of a "job" has fast become unsavory. 

If this were a job, I'd be pushing through the frustrations. But, as is, a game I am playing for fun is beginning to seep into my time and health more than I thought it would. I can't go on my walks which means I won't be losing the weight I would like to lose before Alamo City Comic-Con, I wake up groggy to make sure I don't miss some arbitrary deadline I've set for myself, I'm even beginning to play the game when I don't want to.

I've also lost count how many times I've looped The Tiger Warrior and Mountain Sound on my Spotify at this point. 

I saw this as a jumpstart into getting my life back together. A test, to see how my work ethic was holding up. But, all things considered, it's becoming a bit ridiculous. I'm doing plenty fine by just simply moving forward rather than turning my escapism into something more cynical.

With all that said, let's say we bid farewell with some more spirited Persona 4: Golden discussion? This one's purely out of love for the game and for you! Because, apparently, some are getting a kick out of these. Don't you have dinner meets, hair appointments, or bug bites to scratch or something? 

Of the many bros and bras I expected to come to respect, nevermind closely relate to, Teddie was pretty far down the list. As adorable as he is, he seemed like nothing more than comic relief and an excuse to bolster a "mascot" character. However, if my last encounter with him was any indication as to how they're going to go about fleshing out his character, I'm definitely on-board. 

Overthinking leading to depression is something I understand all too well. Once you're in a deep enough trance, you corner yourself, and you can't let go of even the most lingering of thoughts? Oh yeah. That's not fun. Some of my lowest points in life are thanks to bouts such as those.

It wasn't like the game just suddenly decided to give Teddie a third dimension, either. Questioning his role in life has been something he's been casually discussing with the rest of the team since around the time we saved Yukiko, but it's only now begun to culminate into something much more. With all he's been through lately, it's only natural for him to question pretty much... well, everything. 

Also, why Alice Teddie isn't the real mascot of Persona 4, I have no idea. I thought the message of this game was to live out your life as pretty as possible? What's this about "truth"? Well, that's just unnecessarily vague. 

*Usher's "Yeah"*

So, Risette had to skedaddle into a strip joint that's almost entirely devoid of strippers or hardcore drugs? That's real nice. I was at least considering the possibility of fighting disembodied boobies or sentient g-strints, but I guess that's too much to ask for. 

Actually, if this "TV world" is a reflection of our repressed emotions and hidden selves, I'm especially surprised there isn't entirely too much ass n' titties laden about. I mean, I'm repressing the urge to fap right now.

When I finally am titillated, the game probably expects me to want to save Rise as soon as possible. Well, ya know what? You've tugged at my heartstrings too much already. That girl can stay in there until what little she's still wearing rots. There's a guy who needs a Ritz cable or whatever who was very transcendent about our transaction and I should be helping him. That's something I've learned to appreciate over the years. 

So, back in the real world, away from the monsters and cruel teases, I decided to take it upon myself to help out our local citizens with only the most trivial of tasks because how else is a game like this going to bulk up the run time without implementing entirely new mechanics or going through the trouble of writing stories?

You are foul, sir.

I think my only real complaint regarding the gameplay so far would have to be the "quests". Literally every single one thus far has been a simple matter of obtaining a thing, somebody wants that thing, and now give that thing to them. Attaboy!

And what of my spoils for these tasks? I risk my life for a Demon Statue and get a few "royal jellies". Yet, I grow and deliver 3 heads of cabbage and get this super useful shovel melee weapon. Hilarious in their lack of balance or consistency, but this just further makes me yearn for a mini-game or two like the rhythm one I suggested for Band some blogs back. 

"Quest 08: 'Yo! I bet you can't play a trombone as well as my aunt. Drop a mad beat, sucka!"

Or go back to using the Velvet Room for sidequests. The ones in Persona 3 were a tad bit more creative, if not still tedious. 

At least I was able to clear a bunch of them in one trip back to Yukiko's castle, as well as level up my Matador to earning his Mudo Boost skill. I'm beginning to feel as if my playing around with Matador here is a prequel to his infamous tomfoolery in Nocturne. 

Working night shifts at the local pub might not be great pay, but it is at least interesting. 

They see me rollin'...

Not one night into my night shift at the hospital and things have already begun to make my brain rattle. 

Secret experiments? Haunted halls? A totally hot nurse that may or may not be alluding me into a false sense of security so that she can drug me and leave me to wake up in a bathtub with an overbearing cut on my left side and a message graffitied onto the wall, in my own blood, "Thanks for the donation!"? 

Who knows?!

Helloooooo, nurse!

You better believe I'll jump at the chance to come back! I can't wait to find out!


[On to our final music and R34 choice!]

I can think of a no more fitting tune for the closing of these blogs than "Snowflakes". I mean, let's not kid around in pretending that the end of blog is anywhere near as significant as a parting between good friends, but I guess I'm cliche like that. 

The whistle of the keys in that somber tone flawlessly drives home the subject of the track. Such a beautifully downhearted piece. In fact, slap Mary Elizabeth McGlynn onto the vocals and you'll have something straight out of Silent Hill post-1. That could have a lot to do with how much I connect with it. I love Silent Hill's soundtracks. 






















I'm telling you. It's hard finding high-quality, non-lewd though still sexy R34 of Naoto or Kanji. Dante's got that ground covered anyway...



Some bonus Persona 3 stuff: 


See ya never again!

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