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Lets Talk Some Metal Gear Rising

The new trailer for Metal Gear Rising debuted at the Spike TV VGA awards this weekend, and I have to say I�m a little surprised by the high amount of negativity floating around the response to the trailer. Now while I haven�t looked exten...


Obscurity: A Boy and His Kaiju

I love Godzilla. Long time followers of my blog (all seven of you) know this to be true as well. Godzilla is awesome & he does everything like a boss. You know what�s more fun than watching Godzilla stomp through giant cities while wasti...


Sephy�s Top Five Dumbest Weapons in Video Games

I�m going to cut right to the chase; I like to think I�ve played a lot of video games in my lifetime. Over the course of this time I�ve seen some video games that have some pretty cool weapons (DMC3�s Nevan, Demon�s Souls� DragonBone Smas...


�Mortal Kombat� Surpasses 3 Million Sales

And now a rarity for my blog, I actually put on my journalist hat and deliver you some news! NetherRealm Studios� reboot of the Mortal Kombat franchise surpassed the 3 million sales mark globally. The game received pretty stellar reviews...


Demo Impressions: Warhammer 40k � Space Marine

Do you love all of the shooting? Do you love all of the blood? Do you love killing all of the Orks? Well, I have a feeling this game might be for you. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine (Single Player Demo) Played On: Playstation 3 & PC I'm...


Five Characters Who Need A Good Game: The Threequel

It�s my public duty to fill the necessity for a third entry of these blogs, thus fulfilling the trilogy that the previous two blogs set up before this (although my second blog of this is somehow screwed up, thanks Beta.Destructoid). Thoug...


DmC � Alright, Now I�m Just Confused

I�ll admit, after seeing a little bit of the gameplay and hearing a few snippets from previews regarding Ninja Theory�s DmC I started to warm up to the game a little bit. Was it a big warm up? Not really, more like shifting from a cold ra...


eSports Wrap-Up: So, Why Not?

In case you didn�t hear, the topic of eSports has been pretty hot recently thanks to Elsa�s promoted blog about it. The blog provoked a, surprisingly, huge uproar amongst the eSports community and the gaming world as a whole. It then prom...


Five Characters Who Should Be In Mortal Kombat

In a bit of news that completely caught me off guard, but oddly left me excited about it. Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare on Elm Street films will be appearing as a character in Mortal Kombat thanks to the glorious joys of downloadable ...


Steam Summer Camp Sale Is On

Starting June 30th and ending July 10th, Steam is having a "Steam Summer Camp Sale". In case you're new to Steam, or an idiot, this is basically the 2011 version of the seemingly yearly Steam Fourth of July celebration. Or as I, and likel...


Peter Molyneux Agrees With Mixed Fable 3 Reviews

In a recent interview with Gamasutra, Peter Molyneux opened up and admitted that Fable 3 didn't live up to what he wanted, specifically "all he dreamed it would be", and that the middle of the road reviews that the game did receive are ap...


Marvel vs Capcom 3 Day One Impressions & DLC Ideas

ITZ MAHVEL BAYBEE! TWO BLOGS FOR DAH PRICE OF ONE! Hey! In case you didn�t hear, Marvel vs Capcom 3 released yesterday. Guess what, it�s pretty sweet too. I�m going to try to give you all a few day one impressions from my perspective of ...


Semi Shortblog � DC Universe Online�s Launch�?

I guess I can�t say it any other way. The opening day of DC Universe Online really could have gone a lot smoother. Still not getting what I�m saying? In short, seems like a bunch of shit went wrong to the point where I really didn�t even ...


Five Games From 2010 I Think You Should Play

The 2010th year since we put �AD� after everything has come and passed. As a lot of people are expressing, 2010 kinda sucked in a lot of ways. However there were some good things that came out of the year 2010 so while everybody else, inclu...


My (In Progress) Review of Gran Turismo 5

First and foremost, just to give you some of my perspective, I need to say that I had fun with Gran Turismo 3, but absolutely hated Gran Turismo 4 for some reason. That being said, Red-Fat-Invades-Your-House-At-Night Clause was generous e...


2011 � Things I Want To See Happen

Continuing the whole �old year / new year� thing I was talking about in my Things That Bugged Me blog, I figured I would talk about some things I want to see happen in the upcoming 2011 year. The Wii 2 The Nintendo Wii is now less than...


GoldenEye: Source / Half Life 2 Mod Released

Wanna play GoldenEye? Don�t own a Wii? Sick of the crappy N64 controller or GoldenEye�s original controls? Have a stiffy for everything that uses the Source engine? This might be right up your alley then. After years of development a mod ...


The Year In Gaming � Things That Bugged Me

While I totally can't put a finger on why this year in games seems like it was a memorable year in terms of news, events, and releases. So much so that there was a lot from this year that I found enjoyable, which I will try to blog about ...


Uncharted�s Movie Cast Done My Way

This blog really has no purpose beyond fan interest, since I have absolutely zero influence on anything Hollywood will ever do. I�m on the record for saying that the Uncharted movie as it�s going right now looks like a potential pile of g...


What Will -Your- Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Team Be?

Yes, there�s a small chunk of the game�s roster left that has to be revealed. However I think it�s complete enough to assume that a lot of people have a good idea of what their �team� will be once Capcom feels like releasing the game instea...


NVGR Movie Nostalgiatoid: RoboCop 2

An NVGR blog about a twenty year old movie? What�s not to love! If anything it will break up the run of Call of Duty: Black Ops blogs that I�ve been seeing. At this point anything will be good, so why not take a trip down Nostalgia Lane b...


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