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HD Remakes & Why They Aren�t A Bad Thing


I've also heard it be hinted at that if backwards compatibility doesn't happen with the next console generation we'll see more re-releases, except with games popping up from this current generation. I highly doubt this is a possibility because, as I explained, a lot of the HD remakes happening this generation were a result of the upgrade to high definition technology. What would be the point of doing a remake for a game like Uncharted 2 on the Playstation 4? Would it be the Uncharted 2 HD-HD Collection? Nothing like that would happen because there's absolutely no reason to do so, since your PS3 era games will look fine anyways. Plus if the next generation systems have substantial hardware changes compared to what we currently have, which has been a rumor with the PS4, getting functioning backwards compatibility would be extremely tricky. The early PS3's worked around this by actually putting the PS2 hardware within the system, something I highly doubt they'd recreate with the PS4 by including PS3 tech inside of it. This means that the PS4's backwards compatibility would rely on an internal emulator similar to what the Xbox 360 uses for original Xbox games, and that isn't always a very safe route to go by since emulators are never completely reliable (anybody who's played KOTOR on the 360, for example, might know this).

HD remakes exist to provide fans with better experiences for their games, not to milk them out for all they're worth. There's plenty of reason to assume that this trend isn't anything that's going to explode out of control or continue on beyond this console cycle.
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