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[NVGR] Iron Man 3 Trailer + Impressions


Marvel kicks into its post-Avengers "phase two" of its movie universe with Iron Man 3. The story, from what I've heard, is that this movie is a loose combination of the "Extremis" and "Armor Wars" storylines from the Iron Man comics.

So, it seems like Tony is experiencing some post-traumatic stress disorder in wake of the events that transpired in The Avengers. That seems reasonable, almost dying via a nuclear explosion or nearly being trapped on the wrong side of a cosmic wormhole might do that to a guy.

After being essentially Easter egged into the previous two Iron Man movies, we finally get to see The Mandarin on the big scream & played by Ben Kingsley none the less. For those of you who aren't familiar, Mandarin is Iron Man's archenemy. Going off the trailer, it seems like Mandarin is (at the very least) running a terrorist group - probably the same "Ten Rings" terrorist group that captured Tony in the first movie.

I'm curious how they will portray Mandarin in this movie. In the comics his main power comes from ten magical rings he carries (which are briefly shown in the trailer). I'm curious if they'll actually carry over the "magic versus technology" aspect of Stark/Mandarin for the movie or if they'll do something that gives Mandarin a psuedo-magic that makes him a worthy adversary to Stark. It could honestly go either way, maybe he gets a dose of the Extremis-serum or perhaps his magical rings are still magical and alien in origin - which would tie in to the greater Marvel universe, considering Thor 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy are things that are happening.

I'm also curious if I saw traces of the storyline where Iron Man's suit becomes self-aware. There are a couple of shots in the trailer that show the suit operating without Stark in it. However the trailer also shows Stark building some sort of mental controller for the suit, so perhaps the suit is simply acting on his thoughts even when Stark isn't consciously trying to operate it.

Oh, and just for those of you who might have gotten confused - that red/white/blue armor you see in the trailer isn't Iron Patriot (Norman Osborn), or Captain America for that matter. It's the War Machine armor, and it's apparently been given a makeover by the US Government or something. I totally expect Tony at some point in the movie to make a Captain America joke, however.

Overall, Iron Man 3 looks pretty hot so far.
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