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Video Game Music Compilation 51


Ohhh baby, it's been a while since I've written one of these jokers. I absolutely love VGM, and that passion for it has led to me wanting to bring any and all who'll read my many upon many cases of favorite VGM. I don't care if it's chip-tune or a full-out orchestra, Sega Genesis or Xbox, or even if it plays in the game. As long as it was a song made for a game, it's game for a good ol' VGMC. Screw it. Without further ado, here is some goddamn VGM!

Atland - Lagoon

In stark contrast to the game's box-art, this piece is surprisingly mellow - almost to the extent of being lovely. It's got a somewhat fast pace for the most part, making it groovy as well. It reminds me of Ikachan, generating that atmosphere almost synonymous with the ocean. It has this pleasant mix of strong melodies and elegant support instruments that work so well being chip-tune.

Triceratops Trot - Jurassic Park

This piece, at least for me, is a mix between the upbeat pieces from the Donkey Kong Country series and the serious tone of other pieces from various Ocean games. All of the instruments work so well, all the way down to that weird mining noise I love so much.The effect of the upbeat rhythm is only multiplied by the amount of instruments that crash together yet don't really detract from one another The flute specifically is a great choice, directing the energy the whole piece has in a way that just fits so well. It gives off the feeling of being in a jungle of sorts, which isn't a bad thing to go for in a Jurassic Park game.

West City ~ Eat & Collect - Dragon Ball Z: Legacy of Goku II

The vibes from this one are immediate: futuristic, spacey, and even a tad mysterious. Some synth notes are long and low, overlapping the shorter and more rhythmic notes to help create a tone that is almost eerie. The whole thing feels creepy in this solemn way, which feels so good to just let yourself get lost in.

Lunar Clock Luna Dial - Touhou

Being a lot more energetic than all the previous tracks so far, this one starts all over the place to create a feeling of chaos. Once the instruments begin to align and the chimes start up the pace begins to accelerate, and honestly it'd a bit hard not to get swept away with it. It's got a good sense of energy. Even in the beginning, where the instruments are more all over the place, the track knows when to involve instruments and how.

Flowering Night - Touhou

Oh man, the instruments in this one. Utilizing violins and pianos provide that sort of orchestral vibe, while the drums and bass make it rock out at the same time. This style of orchestra-rock is a style I love, and it does it so right with the fast pacing, epic tone, and superb composition. Even the slow moments, without violins and just a steady bass and a melodic piano, has a fast paced layer of piano in the background to help make a sense of urgency and desperation. It's perfectly constructed and delivered just as perfectly.

It only took me one piece of VGM to realize how rusty I am, but I trudged through the rest of it anyways, just for you. I plan on whipping back into shape in writing, especially for the VGMCs. Maybe I'll just write a load of VGMCs 1) to break off this rust, and 2) because I have the songs for 52 through 74 already lined up, and a few for 75 and 76. The whole point is to share the music, so as long as I do that it's fine regardless of my writing, but to become this rusty really makes me want to get my game stepped back up. Hopefully my little descriptions will be better in the future!

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