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Video Game Music Compilation 47


Oh boy oh boy, are you ready for even more glorious VGM? I've got no theme and a lot of good music, so prepare your sweet selves for a flood of different vibes. Now, without further ado, here's some grand ole VGM just for you, as well as some stupid descriptive stuff about the music so that I have an excuse to share them.

World 1 ~ Monkey Island - Super Monkey Ball: Step and Roll

Super Monkey Ball, as a franchise, will always have a special place in my heart. I love everything about it, from the concept to the execution. This song portrays very well my love for this franchise: happy, energetic, care-free, and even chill at times. Using a whole band of trumpets, drums, guitar, and other amazing and somewhat tropical instruments to provide that classic charm that I've always loved from Super Monkey Ball. It plays the main melody a few times with different instruments as it goes, and no matter the instruments you can't help but go along with the energy of it all. Jovial.

Forest Light - Default Dan

Sticking with jazz, lets move over to this little piece. It's a a simple yet catchy tune. It's not a whole lot but it's got a pretty likable vibe and plenty of energy. It's enjoyable through and through. It's choice of instruments is well chosen and it works well with those instruments. It might just be because of the image used in this particular upload, but I really can't help but think about how cheeky it is, and how I love that cheekiness. It's a confident, jolly, and somewhat cocky cheekiness and it really does well to instill the feeling of confidence in the listener. Enjoyable.

The Synapse(Hong Kong Streets) - Deus Ex

Starting off as catchy as can be, this piece uses some clever instruments, with the strings and flutes and what not. The effects are well thought out as well, with the reverb being spot on. It's atmosphere is well summed up by the parenthetical part of the piece's title. It's still got that sci-fi atmosphere despite also going quite well with a Hong Kong theme. The melodies can range from fast to slow, and although the might not always be catchy, they never leave the memorable end of the scale. Always fun to listen to. Exciting.

Ruins - UnderTale

Jeez, if it isn't hard to get swept away with this one. The piano, the chip-tune, and everything else I didn't mention are all superb. It's whimsical, almost magical, and has a way of enchanting you into a world of beauty. It's melodies are strong, like waves. Also like waves, each melody washes over and over you over and over until you drown in it and let the waves carry you around. It's beautiful. It's awfully hard to explain, really. Just imagine walking through oddly purple ruins of a rather magical place while listening to this tune and you're golden. Magical.

The Guardian's Challenge - EarthBound

This is easily up there as one of my favorite boss fight themes in VGM history. The atmosphere is so think I practically choked on it every time I fought a boss to this song. I love everything about it. It is oppressively and deadly serious, but also funky and memorable in a way that can only be done in EarthBound. When you fought a guardian and heard this, you knew for sure that who you were dealing with was some tough stuff. Some serious stuff. Some stuff willing to fight. In a game where everything is so wacky and even hard to take seriously at times (some fights and fight themes included), it's damn hard to not take this one seriously. Heavy.

Well, there you have it you handsome/cute/pretty folks. I feel that I was lacking with my writing this time around, but don't let that be a deterrent from the great music that I wanted to share! Enjoy!

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