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Video Game Music Compilation 42 - Super Street Fighter IV Special!


Here it is! The second part of the two-part VGMC special is here, with another five amazing pieces of VGM from Super Street Fighter IV. As this is one of my favorite OSTs in gaming, I'm obviously more than happy to go over these. Just keep in mind that I have been on break from writing (due to an influx of work from school) so I might be a tad bit rusty. Oh well. It's all a part of the process of jumping back into gear.

Blanka's Theme - Super Street Fighter IV

With all the tribal-esque instruments, how could you not immediately connect this theme with Blanka? With a nice blend of the before mentioned tribal instruments and a few electronic rifts this piece quite accurately depicts the ruthless moister of a fighter Blanka can be. It's melodies are catchy and memorable, being played by a variety of instruments. The drums especially add a lot of energy and rhythm to the piece, and it serves are a great indicator as to what the tone is at the moment. Although Blanka is actually a pretty innocent character (even child-like so), it's hard not to pick up on how this theme seems to spell out sinister. I guess it would be enforcing the animalistic rage that consumes him during a fight.

Vega's Theme - Super Street Fighter IV

Portraying this beauty-loving Spaniard perfectly, this theme is filled to the brim with atmosphere, good melodies, and spot-on instrument choice. With a lot of instruments from the area, this piece makes you feel like you've been teleported to the heart of Spain. The tone ranges from plain epic to emotional to serous to even kinda romantic. It's strong melodies are indeed strong, and convey the proper tones very well. While not showing up too often, the electronic bass parts are very well implicated. They enforce just the right tone at just the right moments. This really is an amazing remix of such a classic theme.

Zangief's Theme - Super Street Fighter IV

Oh man, this one is just beautiful. FIlled with the most powerfully jovial saxophone I've ever heard in my life, this theme has it's tone settled upon and perfected. With the classical instruments highlighted by more modern ones, it's no wonder this piece has a special atmosphere that I've been hard pressed to find replicated. To sum it up in one word, it'd be impossible to say anything other than "jazzy!". It's atmosphere is perfection, making me feel like I'm at a crazy party or something! It's vibrant and eccentric, as well as jovial and fun. If there was ever a piece of music to make my head bob, it's easily this one.

Dee Jay - Super Street Fighter IV

I think I spoke too soon when I said all those things about how jovial and up-beat the last theme was, when this one is just all over the place with it. The variety of drums playing amongst multiple different electronic and guitar rifts describes all needed to describe the terrifyingly up-beat and rhythmically funky fresh character that is appropriately named Dee Jay. Snap me out of it now, because I think I might unlock my inner-black and begin to dance! (Just kidding. I don't dance). If more is needed to persuade you as to how this describes this marvelous Jamacian, then watch his campaign ending here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWdDVWh5vDE

Cody's Theme - Super Street Fighter IV

Beautiful the entire way though. Cody is a tough guy, so much in fact that he is one out of three Street Fighter Characters who limit themselves in a fight (the others being Akuma and Oro). This is toughness is perfectly depicted by the hip-hop/rap style of his piece, which utilized plenty of blaring bass, electronica, and even violins. Even the constant lyrics of "Turn the beat back!" fit perfectly not only within the tone of the theme but with the character as well. It's all so rough and atmospheric, making the now apathetic Cody seem so serious. Well, I guess within the context of the series' world he is a serious character to fight against.

Well there you have it. I have gone over 10 whole amazing pieces of music from easily one of the most amazing OSTs I've heard yet in gaming. I'm going to be quite honest and say that I think its a darn shame that these character themes aren't played enough, as the stage themes are played during most fights instead. Lol actually check that for me. I've never played Super Street Fighter IV. I still did good with these though, right?

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