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Persist REVIEW - A Trial-Filled Tale of Redemption

Developer: Adventure IslandsPublisher: Adventure IslandsFormat: PC (browser/flash), Android Persist is yet another one of the many neat flash games I didn't enjoy when I first took interest and played it, and then later grew to understand a...


Video Game Music Compilation 47

Oh boy oh boy, are you ready for even more glorious VGM? I've got no theme and a lot of good music, so prepare your sweet selves for a flood of different vibes. Now, without further ado, here's some grand ole VGM just for you, as well as so...


Poetry Dump Part 2 - The Sniper

Here's another piece of poetry I wrote a while back. It's longer than the other so shazam! it gets its own post. Radical. Also for some reason I am unable to upload a photo for this. So no photo I guess. Again, radical. Not much else to say...


Poetry Dump Part 1 - Death, Pistols, and Shotguns

Before I dropped off writing for a while I decided to dabble in a little poetry. The first piece is something I actually wrote for school, and is a piece I'm rather proud of. The other two are pieces I just wrote and currently have no opini...


A Kitty Dream REVIEW - Wakey, Wakey, Sleepy Head!

Developer: Raiyum (with music by Bill Kiley)Publisher: Raiyum (with music by Bill Kiley)Format: PC (browser/flash) Out of all the games I've planned on reviewing, this one has probably been the longest one coming. It's been months since I'...


Reunion REVIEW - The Father and Son Struggle

Developer: Hak GamesPublisher: Hak GamesFormat: Android Horror games are a genre that I really have yet to jump into, having never played games such as Silent Hill or Resident Evil. I have a very particular taste in horror, one that simple...


As someone big on podcasts, here are my favorites!

One of the few things I've had yet to talk about myself is my love and dedication to podcasts. I figured that since I haven't been playing any games as of late (because I've fallen behind on podcasts and have been trying to catch up). I lov...


Video Game Music Compilation 45

Whoo! VGMC #45 INBOUND! No select game or theme to this one. Just your average collection of awesome VGM from random places that you might just enjoy. I do it for the diversity. I do it for you. <3 Healthy World - Paradis Perdushttps://...


My Favorite Videogame Villains

Villains are an amazing thing in stories of all kinds. Some villains are an uncontrollable force the protagonist has to contend with, others are characters with motivations and goals, and some are entities with goals, motivations, and ...


Samorost REVIEW - World Building and Exploration

Developer: Amanita DesignPublisher: Amanita DesignFormat: PC (browser/flash) Ah boy, is this a nostalgia trigger for me. I remember way back when my uncle first showed me Samorost, in all of it's bizarre beauty. The first Samorost is ...


I'm Back! (and here's where I was)

As some you may (or may not) have noticed, I've been absent from posting and even commenting for about a week now. Well I'm here today to state where I was this whole time, acting as if some of you care! It'll be fun, because I was on ...


Castaway Troops REVIEW - Castaway meets Snake?

Developer: Likwid GamesPublisher: Likwid GamesFormat: PC (browser/flash) Well, this game came out of nowhere. I had no idea that this was coming out nor any idea how much it makes me happy to play another Castaway game. Like every Cas...


About Seeeeeethone of us since 5:37 PM on 11.29.2014

Holy shit, I'm back. I probably won't be around often, but I really enjoyed this community back when I first joined it around 2015 so I figured I should stop by when I have something to say. Some might remember me as the guy who talked about flash games and VGM a lot. I'm still that guy, but different at the same time. It's a pleasure to be back.

Favorite Games:
-Treasure Adventure World
-Fallout 2

Favorite Flash Games:
-Pause Ahead
-Castaway II: Isle of the Titans
-The Power
-Elephant Quest

Top 10 Video Game Soundtracks:
(Not ordered)
-Treasure Adventure World
-Touhou 12: Unidentified Fantastic Object
-Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The Game
-Coffee Talk
-A Hat in Time
-Phoenotopia Awakening