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Videogame "fans" should put their money where their mouth is


Don't like it? Do better, then.

Jim's most recent editorial concerns the franchise fanboys, never satisfied with their current fare and perpetually complaining.

This is not a rebuttal to the principle of the article. Jim has perfectly analogised the futility of the fanboy rant. What I don't agree with is the conclusion.

Jim's instant reaction to their concerns is derision and dismissal. I have a healthier perspective; rather than telling them to shut up, these fans should turn their criticisms into action, band together and realise their dreams.

Make a game like the Fallout/Sonic they remember, instead of whining about how they don't like where the franchise is going. If they dedicated the same amount of effort that is spent complaining on the internet into bringing their creations into the fore, they'd have the games they want.

Development is easier and cheaper than ever before, and the internet is a fantastic source to get all the coding information you need. The number of digital distribution platforms available nowadays make it easier than ever to get your game under the eyes of those you want, and social media makes it easier than ever before to get together those who are interested. After all, how difficult would it be to set up a Facebook group requesting people to help you make the Fallout/Sonic game that the world needs?

If enough people share your view, you would have a crew together in no time. Want it to go commercial? All you need to do is make slight adjustments to the protagonist and plot, make sure you're not treading on any copyright toes, et voila! The game you have always desired.


Activision sprung up as a rallying cry against Atari and the PlayStation was made after a deal went sour between Sony and Nintendo, so stranger things have happened in videogame development history.

There may be good reasons why this doesn't happen; nostalgia has a nasty habit of filing off all of the corners and applying a rose tint to an experience felt long ago. Franchise revivals that go back to grass roots are no less dogged with issues than those that strive for innovation. Those who do sit down and try to recreate the magic of the past may find themselves getting stuck, and quickly. Some things truly are easier said than done.

Still, why not put your money where your mouth is? You'll never know for sure otherwise.
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