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gamesTM and EDGE have some sweet covers

Imagine Publishing's UK multiformat videogames magazine gamesTM has a swish little cover for upcoming PS3 thriller Heavy Rain this month.

Four of the sections of the cover are perforated and can be folded down to revel an alternative cover:

It's good to see an inventive cover to promote a much anticipated title.

Not one to be outdone, subscribers to Future Publishing's UK multiformat videogames magazine EDGE have a gorgeous piece of art from the forthcoming WiiWare platformer LostWinds:Winter of Melodias on their cover (here they are side-to-side):

For those of you unaware of either of these magazines, I strongly recommend both: The journalistic coverage is always thorough and professional, the game images are always beautiful and both magazines cover the gamut; from the upcoming new releases and the consideration of future hardware right back to retro titles and old-school gaming, what the big commercial publishers and developers are up to and the latest offerings from indie developers and backroom coders.
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