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PAX East, and a Deadly Game of Cat and Anonymouse

Irish Coffee. It was the perfect Boston drink for PAX East. It's hot, it's sweet, it keeps you alert and awake, and yet it sneakily ushers copious amounts of Jameson into your bloodstream. The Destructoid community functions much the same...


Building A Better Game Blog -- Originality

People write in the cblogs for all kinds of reasons. They may aspire to games writing careers. They may have a love for gaming that they need to share with the world. They may be just shy of losing their last tenuous grip on reality, and ...


Building a Better Game Blog -- Substance

If there's one thing that sets the community blogs of Destructoid apart from any other gaming site to me, it's a demand for excellence in writing. It's part of what drew me to stay, knowing that just participating in the cblogs was going...


Somebody's Got a Case of the Mondays

Dear Mindless Repeater, It has recently been brought to the attention of the executive management team by our insurance providers that video game related violence is on the rise. In an effort to curb growing benefits and health-care ...


The Good, the Rad, and the Lovely

Me with my Red Dead swag shirt (center), the Outlaw ScottyG, and my wifey Calamity Dawn. When it came to the PAX '09 show floor, the big names of the fall were the belles of the ball. Games like Left 4 Dead 2 and Borderlands had huge li...


Mazes and Monsters : Anatomy of a Scapegoating

The enemy. There is no single greater motivator in human history than having an antagonist. The US would have taken years if not decades longer to land on the moon without the threat of the Russians getting there first and setting up a gian...


That One Pretentious iPhone Guy Reviews : Zenonia

Bienvenidos! That means "Welcome!" in Spanish, you know. I just got back from a quick jaunt over to Paraguay for business. The locals are so quaint -- real salt of the earth people, you just have to go sometime. Aaaaanyway, when I wasn't o...


A 100% Unique Red Faction : Guerilla Review

I recognize that with all the reviews of this game already available from reputable and talented writers, it's a bold claim to state that this review is, in fact, unique. Allow me to explain myself up front and assuage your doubts, good rea...


Austin, Texas : A Gamer's Field Guide

Let's begin by admitting a grim reality, shall we? Texas pretty much sucks. Texas is characterized primarily by blistering, unbearable heat and the fetid stench of oil refineries, punctuated briefly by sprawling, smog coated cities choked t...


Get Your Sauron On, Again -- Overlord II Review

Overlord II (XBOX 360) Review Half the fun of some of the licensed Lord Of The Rings games that have come out over the years is the ability to play as the forces of evil. Slaughtering hobbits, burning ents, and wiping the smug grins off ...


Am I still a gamer?

I've seen a lot of birthday blogs lately (congrats to all, btw!), and it has made me think about how despite my growing into responsibilities, relationships, and long-term goals, my love of gaming has remained undiminished by the cruel sand...


The Corruption of Mrs. Path

My sincere intention was to have a thorough review of Overlord II ready for your consideration this week, my new brothers and sisters in arms. (Er, thumbs?) Oddly enough, although I am thoroughly enjoying the game so far, I've found myself ...


Video Game Satire : Economy Needs Food, Badly

When examining the current global economic crisis, it is tempting to take the easy road and simply look at statistics and trends, thereby avoiding a hard and unsettling look at the individuals who have been impacted. The mainstream media...


Ensign, De-Activate Lurking Device.

When I play Left 4 Dead with my younger sister in Boston and her friends on XBL, I don't always get the most kills, but I always take the least amount of damage on our team. This is because her friends love to charge headlong into the fray ...


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Greetings, Programs!

I am a 34 year old cubicle monkey living in Austin, TX. with my lovely wife of 2 years, Dawn. And yes, we are acutely aware of the cheesiness of the rhyme scheme. And no, it doesn't bother us when people make fun of us for being so saccharine, because we are both huge dorks in our spare time. Being happy in life gives your character +1 million XP towards the "not caring about other people's opinions" skill.

Above : Me from my theatre days. Puppy Licks says it makes me look like Kefka.

Likes : sense of humor, intelligence, creativity, the ability to argue without fighting, not taking one's self too seriously.

Dis-Likes : console crusaders, people who are cruel on the internet because they are too timid to express themselves in real life, people who cannot separate facts from opinions, Fox News, onions.

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