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Glowbear has published a book!

Glowbear aka Claire has her first book Magpies and Shifty Sheep is available now on Amazon. Please help spread the word and all proceeds will be donated to Cancer Research Charities, after surviving rounds with it herself. Thanks Dtoid fol...


Eurogamer 2015

Hi folks, ScaryGranules will be at EGX in Birmingham this weekend and if you're around too that's lovely. What is lovelier is if you say hi and want to grab a beer every 15 mins as queuing for games can be thirsty work.


Her Story and Bears Can't Drift!? Reviews

Why hello there, how are you? Fancy reading and watching some reviews of recent games? Yeah you do, you saucy minx. http://www.destructoid.com//ul/user/1/177613-296659-bearsfrontjpg-620x.jpg Bears Can't Drift!? (how rude) Written Review can...


Scary Granules Episode 29 - ULTIMATE EDITION!

A cold wind blows through your knickers, an omen so dark it can only herald the coming once again (oh my!) of that sickening podcast the kids refer to only as the 'Scareth Granuleth podcast', and only then in hushed whispers. Yes, it's...


Dragon Age Irish Legend Lesson

One half of Scary Granules and Destructoid writer Glowbear has made a video to help people learn more about the lovely language that comes from Ireland, via vidjagames. On previous peisodes of the SG podcast it's been brought up that D...


Scary Granules Episode 21 - France is Creepy

Do you ever wonder "why do people do the things they do?" Well we often wonder why the French (especially those with diplomatic privileges) think they can stroke our Glowbear's bare knees whilst she tries to get 5 fooking minutes of peace t...


Late Nights poppin' yo cherry

We got sent an Alpha preview for the upcoming, atmospheric Stasis. Check out their website and kickstarter. For your pleasure we've got our video preview and a written one for you videophones out there.� Then back to the latest Scary C...


Death by Condom Puppets

Don't say we don't cater to EVERY desire. This time we've got Ghoulish ghost babies, neat mobile phones that save your life and PUPPETS FROM A TIME GONE BY. Cry of Fear Home (this is where the condoms killers are at you sick beasts) G...


Swapping Cat Ladies

We gave the uber disturbing, depression metaphor game The Cat Lady a go and yeah it's pretty messed up. We also checked out a bit of The Swapper and were pleased with what we've seen so far. Glowbear intends to finish that one. As al...


HalloWishes this Gravyween Dtoidians

Happy Halloween everyone....even you! You know what the scariest thing we've encountered is this past month is? Trubbish and it's evolved form.� Just look at it. Put it down, put it out of its misery, why GAMEFREAK WHY?! Isn't this pie...


The Illogical Dark Grey Path

Best and Worst TV Video Games Pathologic I've read some varying reviews of this game, that border on either "this is just weird and bad" to "this is one of the best games of it's type ever". Personally I found it hard to get past the in...


10 Second Review of Outlast

Scary Granules will be producing a lot of video content that we hope people will enjoy. Here's a 10 second review of Outlast!� Likes, subscribes and shares will make us very smiley and love you so wrong!


Scary Granules Episode 19 - Graceful in Bed

Dearly Departed, we are gathered here today to listen to the irreverent podcastical stylings of one Glowbear 'Sassy' Globingtons and Panza '56er, all nighter' Dolphino, fantastic podcast hosts, famed industry writers but also... graceful in...


Scary Granules Episode 18 - Now Wash Dem Hands

Hey baby, how was your day at the�meat�factory? Good, huh? Why don't you pass me that�raw chicken�over there...? STOP. Look at what you're doing: hands no doubt slick with snot, saliva and various other bodily fluids, fresh from a hard d...


Scary Granules Episode 17- The Lust of Spock

I'm not one for blowing my own horn, but I could stick a crayola between my buttcheeks and produce a better story than some of the generic shooter games have these days - Mary J Blige, 1953 This week on Scary Granules, we discuss the im...


Raise up your hands for the Scary Spirit Bomb!

At�Rezzed�Glowbear did an interview with�Threaks, the team behind an up and coming excellent musical wonder of a game called�Beatbuddy. They've collaborated with a host of talented musicians with high fan bases, including the team behind ...


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