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My time with Destructoid has come to an end. I've not felt part of the community for a while nor do I read the articles. I've been thinking about it for a while and I have decided it's time to move on. You can find me on Twitter, Discord and my site. Bye!


I just had the most amazing game of The Forest that nobody can beat. Crazy! A pile of rotten rabbits and dead babies later, the 2 of us have built this tonight. Not finished yet but it's good so far! My original base has nothing on this,aside from a plane


I already posted something very early on today but, here's another one of my cat lady in FFXIV with Halloween stuff! Witch broom mount! What's that? Microtransactions? I can't hear you over the sound of cat lady spookiness!


No YOU bought Halloween items for yourself in FFXIV with real money!


I can't today but if you like the look of it and can, buy Hellblade.The money made today goes towards a mental health charity. This is a great move even just for the additional awareness it brings in an industry that often loves to ignore it at all levels


I may have returned to FFXIV. New character, imported appearance of my previous one and I'm catching up. I love this game so much and it's probably going to eat me. Guess I should say my goodbyes now. I'm enjoying playing the Thaumaturge class! Fire!


Daaaammiiiiiit!! Final Fantasy XIV has me again. New character with the same name and appearance and... it has me. It's going to eat me. D: Also, Paladins does Halloween skins really well! Bewitched Evie looks great, had to get that skin. Look at iit!


So uh, I think FFXIV is happening again for the first time in so long. Deciding between character transfar (only level 31) or a new one but then... starting class will take me so long to decide on. D: FFXIV character cosplay should be more of a thing btw!


I saw this show up on my feed when I woke up today. Great interview and I don't think I've seen Harrison Ford laugh outside of a film before. Him and Ryan Gosling seem to be having a good time. A jolly interviewer definitely helped there!


Went to cinema for final Logan Lucky showing. Enjoyed it till last 10 minutes when the 2 women in front of me ruined it. Took out/stopped hiding phone on full brightness, filmed it and started talking loudly.First time I've emailed to report people there.


280 character Twitter is pretty good! Same usage as before only this time I don't have to disemvowel my Tweets, cut spaces and improvise. I also get to avoid more multi tweets. It's some much needed breathing room.


I've played so much of The Forest today that it actually hurts. My hand! I've been busy though. Self sufficient base. I'd guess around 2000 rocks for the walls, paths & walk in traps alone! I am really enjoying this game, I highly recommend picking it up.


I've decided to free ssd space up starting with getting bits of all the captures I've saved and uploading them. I had issues at first but solved them and now know how to export videos using ShadowPlay source files in Premiere CC! Just a short test video!


Halloween month! I like to give it at least until halfway into November and then we move into Christmas season. Things in my life are getting more sorted so I'm half tempted to look into actually having a costume if I can meet with people!May make a cake!


Just as a quick reminder, if anyone wants to read about how Mario is evil and clearly the real villain, I posted a blog thing last night! Perfect timing for the SNES classic and Odyssey being close to release.


Got my SNES Mini today! Having fun! Also PAL SNES is the best looking! Control pad and console... second to to none of the others! NTSC with Purple and black? I don't even need to beat that design up. Super Famicom? More like Super Famiwrong! I said it!


That's the first thing I've written and pushed out in a good while. I started writing a reply to a quick post and this happened so I turned it into a blog thing. Probably not well done or edited but I'm tired and a tad out of it so I'm really not fussed.


I've been feeling a bit more out of it, my mood got pretty bad and I'm getting more sore now which I guess does happen after getting stuff done at the hospital. I'm glad I took up an offer to play games and bought The Forest though. It's a good time.


I was in the hospital today for some looking around my insides for a problem, taking tissue samples and a mild op. I had a weird experience with Entonox I may post about later and mentioned on Twitter but laughing gas is awesome! Yo Joker, hook a girl up!


Anyone remember how I wanted to set up a Minecraft server for myself, a few friends and people here? I got an offer I couldn't refuse at 25% the normal price off. Looking forward to setting this up and seeing if fun times can be had this month.


Had to decorate a cake today, then got bored so made a cake guardian. The cake got taken so it's time for war with spears. Got myself pizza and wedges as a reward and Paladins in a group is so so fun! I tried the new flank, Zhin, and he's so fun to play!


I've been having a weird time lately. A lot of bad things but I also met an awesome person who's great for my mental health and they introduced me to a nice online game group. Gaming is actually fun again and I've things to look forward to.


Dead By Daylight is so tense sometimes! I just had like 4 games and escaped in 3 of them yet found the whole thing tense. I'm getting surprisingly good at juking too. Just took the killer on a crazy chase long enough for the final generator to be done!


Today was good for gaming. Nioh then PUBG, Paladins, Dead By Daylight and finally Team Fortress 2. Had fun all around, I don't think I've ever really jumped between games like this while playing each one for a good amount of time. Could get used to this!


PUBG continues to surprise me when I think about it. It's a game where 99% of the time, you're going to lose with items having randomised locations yet dying in it just doesn't annoy me. I just have a really fun time playing with friends and wandering.


Played some PUBG tonight, my second session (multiple games per obv) aaand our squad actually won! Somehow I got the final kill. Crazy and really fun game!


After about a month's break, I've returned to Nioh with my co-op partner and we chatted with voice this time! I'm once again absolutely in love with this game. It just flows so well and is really fun. We did die a bunch by falling into holes though. D:


Back to Dead By Daylight tonight and all the killers have executions and evil perks. D: Seems like more experienced killers are matching against newer players atm. Got PUBG as well, wasn't expecting to grab that but there you go. Had fun.


I've been having an awful time since Friday to the point I've been perpetually pissed off. Don't make eye contact or you'll die on the spot. Not joking. Played DBD today though and that was good. We uh, somehow merged into one person at one point though.


I don't argue with people on NHS and stuff, I make a point of being calm. Today I had an argument with my new GP. Second appointment and without going into detail, I think I have grounds for putting in at least a complaint for discrimination.Fuck the NHS.


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