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Where�s the beef? Between Harmonix and the PS3, that�s where


After seeing this story on IGN, an anguished yell nearly escaped my lips (one would indeed have done so, but it was just after three in the morning here on the East Coast, and I had just enough self-control to stop myself). Apparently, Harmonix has decided to give a proverbial giant middle finger to PS3 owners everywhere � or at least, PS3 owners who also have Guitar Hero III for that console (like me). According to IGN, who says that they (and all gamers) were �lead [sic] to believe otherwise,� the Guitar Hero III Les Paul controller DOES NOT WORK with Rock Band.

To quote Gollum, Harmonix is also �tricksy� � and not just with their pre-release media, as IGN mentioned: you can plug in the Les Paul�s wireless USB dongle and sync up the controller with it, and the main menu will recognize your input. The fun ends there, however; if you choose any of the modes, the game asks you to plug in a USB mic to continue. The Les Paul controller can be used as just that, a controller � nothing more � i.e., you can�t actually play the game with it. To those of you who are in my situation and asking how things could get worse, they indeed can. In a final discourteous display of disregard for would-be Rock Band-ers on the PS3, the story notes that the Xbox 360�s wireless Les Paul controller works just fine with the game. Wow. My nuts are severely bruised from the kick that they just received. Now, people like me have no recourse if they want to play this game with four players (and isn�t that the point of the game?), because the bundle only ships with one Fender Stratocaster controller, and the individual instruments won�t be able for purchase separately until sometime next year.

I�m hoping to every god I can think of that this issue will be remedied with a future patch, because as things are, I�m crying myself to sleep tonight. I know this meme is overused, but it�s certainly apropos: I�m a


Why, Harmonix, why???
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