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Well, that�s quite a milestone...


Wow. That sure is a lot of comments, isn�t it?

Because I�m a science guy, and I like to do some calculations to show cool stuff, I�m gonna go for it. I started reading Destructoid sometime in August of 2006, so if we start from the middle of that month � as in, August 15, 2006 � and count to today, that�s 540 days. In other words, if we assume that I began commenting here on that day, in a week, it�ll be exactly a year and a half since I started reading the site. So...

2500 comments � 540 days = 4.63 comments/day

While I don�t have some sort of graph that shows my number of comments from month to month or anything, I know that the average must�ve shot up during last summer, when I was reading Dtoid any chance I got while at work, and I also started reading lots more of the c-blogs around that time as well (I mean, they�ve only been around since what, like, last June?) Hell, the average most likely peaked in the past two months or so, as evinced by the following snapshot:

Hey, my Destructoid score (whatever that means) went up by over 1.68 million! That screencap was taken on December 2, 2007; 66 days have passed since then, so bear with me while I do some math once again:

2500 comments � 1111 comments = 1389 comments
1389 comments � 66 days = 21.05 comments/day

Holy crap! Do I really comment on over twenty front-page stories and c-blogs a day? God damn. I guess when you think about it, it doesn�t seem like all that much � each day, I probably comment on ten main-page stories alone, and it obviously doesn�t take too many more c-blog comments to push that number up. Anyway, I�d like to thank all of you guys and gals here: from Reverend Anthony to Ron Workman, and from bhive01 down to WiiSucks (well, I can�t very well link to his blog, now can I?). I don�t usually comment on something unless it catches my eye in some way, and generally, that means being thought-provoking as opposed to just attention-getting � although there�s nothing wrong with the occasional LATENITELULZ�, to be sure. Then again, a quarter of those 2500 comments probably consist of me correcting people, so I suppose making mistakes in English usage also has to qualify as something that I notice and comment on across the site. Either way...I salute you all, Dtoiders, and here�s to 2500 more comments, which should be made in...

2500 comments � 21.05 comments/day ≈ 119 days
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