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And the 22nd Bond film will be called...[NVGR, obviously]

Quantum of Solace.

It�s a rather dumb name, if you ask me. According to Producer Michael G. Wilson, the title was only picked a few days ago, and it was taken from the title of a story by Ian Fleming in the collection �For Your Eyes Only�. I guess they anticipated a backlash from fans regarding the nature of the title, as Wilson also said, �We thought it was an intriguing title and referenced what happened to Bond and what is happening in the film.�

Filming commenced earlier this month; the movie will shoot on-location in Austria, Italy, and Panama (I wonder if the trailer will feature Van Halen, � la Superbad). Currently, the release date is set for Friday, November 7, in the US and Britain. Other than the questionable title, though, I�m stoked! I absolutely loved Casino Royale, and I eagerly await the post-Election Day weekend!

[mostly copypasta from Yahoo! News]
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