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Guitar Hero III song packs are still a gyp

So I got back from class around 6:15 tonight, and since I was eager to see what Sony had added to the PS Store, I stopped folding and booted up the store. This Thursday�s update is pretty significant: they�ve added the long-awaited demo of ...


My Guitar Hero III Odyssey

Preface: I love Best Buy. I�m super cereal...say what you want about big-box retailers and how they�re �the man� or whatever, but frankly, I don�t like GameStop/EB Games (I find that a significant percentage of the employees don�t know what...


Losing my clog virginity

Well, I finally took the plunge. After over a year of commenting on everyone else�s stories (if I remember correctly, I joined DESTRUCTOID around August 2006), I�ve decided to start some stories of my own (and not just because God said I su...


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