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on my way to finish MGSV in the next week. child soldiers FTW!!!


just started the 3rd birthday on PSP...EPIC...


I got new batteries for my GBA SP and PSP (both died at the same time..) dived right back into THPS2 on the GBA and God of War Ghost of Sparta. Love me some "old school" handheld gamin´!


I made a club in APEX LEGENDS. Its called Destructoid...Come join me later tonite (Berlin Time) ninjagonZo78 on XBOX..


had time to play more of soma today. hm, that game is pretty cool! between this and RE7 my weekend gaming is set...


I know I´m very late to the party. I heard its great but didn't expect this level of fucked upness! I am feeling a similar kind of excitement playing this like RE1 back in the day. I´m a stay inside and finish RE7..


finished assassin's creed origins today...now on to some halloween gaming this weekend. will start resident evil 7 tomorrow. really looking forward to that one.


just finished Neu Jahr (New Year) by German author Juli Zeh. What started as a kind of boring German family story quickly turned into one of the scariest psychological horror stories I´ve ever read! (and I´ve read a LOT of those!) highly recommended!!


In case you haven't played it yet. Tomb Raider 2013 is free on Steam right now.


there is no peace to be found. anywhere.


there´s no peace to be found. anywhere.


got my psp out and played many a games on it in the last few weeks. Tomb Raider Anniversary, Silent Hill Origins, Splinter Cell Essentials, Echochrome, GTA Chinatown Wars etc.ppp. Handheld gaming for me is just the ultimate way to "go"!!!


baldur´s gate...


tonite in montreal


off to coachella with moderat. i have my gba sp with a castlevania double cartridge (aria of sorrow/harmony of dissonance) to keep me from staring too much into the computers :)


berlin springtime galore!!!!


killing resurrected babies just for fun in dead space 2.


playing wind waker on the gamecube with a tft screen on top with my daughter. family values before review scores!


Ernest Cline's Book "Ready Player One" is a must read for every regular in this site! What are you waiting for? Go get it Geeks


tiamat from darksiders is a biatch... and now she is mine!!!


"guest starring child soldiers" MGS V.... :)


in my cleaning binge i also deleted lots of games from steam from my laptop. only kept binding of isaac, don't starve and mark of the ninja


anyone know of a good way to play splinter cell on mac that is not bootcamp?!


got skyrim working on my macbook beginning of last year and played it all through 2016. felt like a pro when it finally worked. deleted it yesterday and feel even better. going to buy a new mac soon. what will be the next nerd challange?!


Fröhliche Arschnachten ihr Weinlöcher....


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Hey Peoploids,

I´m a sound engineer from berlin.
i started out in the early 80ties with nintendo game and watch, moved to a c64 and went from there..
i pretty much play everything that comes my way.
mostly i´m into stealth and horror games.

destructoid has been a pretty constant "internet thing" for me the past few years.