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a (short) ode to my GBA SP

it must have been around 1999 or 2000. I can�t remember exactly, but around that time
on a whim i went and bought a GBA and THPS2.�


That blew me away. The isometric view of the familiar levels from the ps1/ N64 THPS games. stuff to unlock including spiderman and wolverine.
This game was the one that totally got me hooked again onto mobile gaming.

Eventually i got a GBA SP which is to this date my most played console!
Games like Zelda Link to the Past or Minish Cap, SimCity 2000 on the go and of course THPS2 have been great companions during travel and commute.

I have all the other Nintendo Handhelds and think they are mandatory gaming expieriences, but the GBA SP is the straightest of them all.�

So cool to find the cartridge of sim city 2000 and open a city that i have made 12 years ago on a holiday in italy!

good night!
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