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from the hospital...

Hey peoploids. Just a quick update from my stay in the hospital. 15 days ago my mother donated me one of her kidneys After a small rejection that was treated with some antibodies and all kinds of other stuff the kidney works fine! Yeah!No...


into the flood again

Yesterday, i got back into gaming again after a few months hiatus. As written in my last blog, i sold my xb360 with all the games a few months ago. Besides the occasional romp of a select few games on my PSP (mostly WipeOut Pulse and Obscur...


the burden is finally lifted (i sold my xbox360!!)

I finally did it. I thought about it for a while and now its done. I sold my xbox 360 and all the games i had for it. Those were quite a few i can tell you. There was lots of digital stuff on there, too, like walking dead, mass effect etc...


a (short) ode to my GBA SP

it must have been around 1999 or 2000. I cant remember exactly, but around that time on a whim i went and bought a GBA and THPS2. WOW!!!! That blew me away. The isometric view of the familiar levels from the ps1/ N64 THPS games. stuff t...


Gaming Emptiness

Last night i sat again way too long in front of my computer and read about games. Its my biggest hobby. If i would play as much as ive read about games id have no social or family or work live what so ever. I mean, stuff like www.action...


some mass effect love

Good Morning folks and a happy new year!! Yesterday, when the whole city of berlin celebrated the passing of 2013 and the new year 2014 i decided to stay inside, not get blown to pieces by fireworks, and replay the first mass effect. ht...


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Hey Peoploids,

I´m a sound engineer from berlin.
i started out in the early 80ties with nintendo game and watch, moved to a c64 and went from there..
i pretty much play everything that comes my way.
mostly i´m into stealth and horror games.

destructoid has been a pretty constant "internet thing" for me the past few years.