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I'm mostly an anime novice, but been watching THIS Mononoke the past week and increasingly loving it. Incredibly atmospheric, great sound design, and terrific, weird characters. Makes me better appreciate a lot of Zelda's oddball characters, actually.


Lord grant me wisdom, I'm seriously considering reinstalling Cyberpunk and giving it a proper go.


Chris my (British) boss (also named Chris!!) came back from the UK and shared a cherry bakewell with me and you Brits have done alright and I wish you nothing but a calm and peaceful birthday. You're a Big Friendly Giant and a boon to us all.


HIGHLY recommend Maya and the Three on Netflix. Not often do I think of CG animation as "beautiful," but this is, at times, breathtaking. The lighting is radiant, the color palette lush, and the characters bold and beautiful. A Mexican epic made with love




Thank you all for your patience on this matter, and I can now confirm: Brownies are good.


Purple sweet potato noodles! He did it! He made NOT a curry!


Still holding off on Dread because we got mousse to eat and vampires to whip.


Turns out this is what I needed to bottle that gaming lightning again.


Gaming has been a bit ho-hum no-go for me lately (even as wonderful as Sable is) but lots of comics on the menu... Taiyo Matsumoto's No. 5 is just blowing my mind. Saving further reading until I finish some other stuff.


Happy birthday to GOD HAND, turning the big 15 today. Few games match its excellence; some Renaissance paintings match its beauty. It’s been called “perfect” by the scientific community. A warm blanket under which I invite you to reflect on this day


Was turned onto this, which is now in its final days on Kickstarter. This coming JUST as I’m getting back into Ghost in the Shell and cyberpunk, and in a year with Cruelty Squad… Demo is out on Steam apparently!


Pangs of indecision over whether to get WarioWare Friday. I *love* WW, but I’m feeling so content with my current slate! Not to mention Eastward and Sable so soon. Talk me through my indecision! Also I made peanut noodles with black rice noodles!


And now, a haiku: Reading a Hellboy/ Resplendent day of sunshine/ Oops, organs in trees


Started to doodle more and this morning this is all I've been obsessed with.


“Y’know van der Meer, oneuhthesedays yergonna wake up and BE a curry!”


Polluting your timeline with the Good Word that is Death’s Door, which is honestly a perfect game so far. Pothead is a treasure of a man to be stood beside for all of time.


Question for Dtoid artists!! I’m looking to start tooling around with (Blender, to start) animation and digital drawing software, and NEED a drawing tablet (proper terminology?). Any cheap recommendations? More deets inside. (Pictured: Me.)


I say the words "Looter Shooter" to myself, in my head or out loud as a joke in a Werner Herzog impression at least once a week.


So the demo for this might not have been excellent; there’s some refinement to the movement and UI that needs doin’. But GRIME looks like a weird, fungal, subterranean metroidvania, now coming August 2nd. Rock people and post-humans brawlin’!


Holy cow Junji Ito made a short manga for the upcoming (long-delayed!) Japanese theatrical release of The Lighthouse. That is SO COOL!


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