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Tfw your Mario delivery is delayed ;_;


Some quick thoughts

You know, I really did think things were getting better. It had been long enough I actually thought "Hey, maybe he realized being a rude dude doesn't really help and other people like different things. Neat" Additionally, it seemed pla...


Four In February 2017

Personally I've been a pretty big fan of 4 in Feb. Even though it doesn't seem to ever get brought up, I try to keep at it myself. I thought I'd write a quick blog with some brief thoughts on the 4 games I beat this February. Cause why...


"What's up with the Top Nep stuff?"

I see some of you asking about the Top Nep thing. I figured I'd try and give an explanation on it. I'll be speaking from my experience on 4chan, but I'm guessing it wasn't just limited to there alone and was from a combination of vario...


Keep it Classy: Satisfaction

  I had some trouble thinking about what class is really my favorite. Typically I tend to roll with Rogues or Thieves, for role playing games. But for fighting or some action games, I tend to go with a slower character with high d...


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