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My Adventures with the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3


So lately, I've had the honor of watching the animated adaptation of Super Mario Bros. 3, a platformer for the NES you may or may not have heard of.  Serving as a follow-up to the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 was animated by DiC, began airing the same year SMB3 released, and lasted for just a little under 4 months.  How bad could it be?!

 Oh jesus-

First off, I should mention my experiences were with the N Circle Entertainment COMPLETE SERIES COLLECTOR'S EDITION dvd release, which removes any licensed tracks and some cutting here and there with an episode featuring Milli Vanilli (Who I found out was an actual band! ...I've honestly never heard of them until this.)  So my experience varies from anyone who may have caught it back in the day.

This is my first real foray into the animated Mario universe, being born too late to catch any of it on TV when it originally aired but too young to remember it while it was syndicated (I was born August '93).  There was a VHS we used to have with 2 episodes on it that even as a kid, I thought kinda sucked.  And that was at a time I thought Sonic Underground was cool as shit.  Yep.  I thought that fucking show was cool as shit as a kid.  Let that sink in for bit.  (That's another blog for another time!)

With all of that out of the way, onward to adventure!