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Tim, I thought you're supposed to do actual positive PR to your own storefront. Please for the love of God, tell me you did took the minimum amount of time on Marketing Lesson 101.


On second thought, previously mentioned dev can stay with Epic for eternity. The guy in charge of the previous terrible blog post just decided to drop napalm on his team's project. (More Discord AMA pics on the comments)


Well, at least they took some humble pie and learned a bit more on how to PR correctly. And thankfully the community was respectfully calling the devs out for their blunders, instead of the usual loud tone. Wish them luck, I suppose.


Hexen was slightly better than Heretic. 3 RPG archetypes, fun weapons, and OK (if slightly less complicated than the last game) level design. But the key-hunting/switch-flipping to progress through the map turned up to 11 killed my enjoyment for the game.


Just got my old laptop RAM bumped from 4GB to 8GB. What a difference that extra 4GB made. And then getting a cheap SSD in the future so it could load Win 10 and apps faster...


From what I heard from this MechWarrior fan scorned due to the Epic exclusivity, Russ Bullock apparently were a lying scumbag, and someone you should not trust your money with.


On one hand: BELIEVE!!!. On the other hand, please don't force us to use the Bethesda account, or being a downgrade from the original. (Source)


Err, any console owners wanting to get the old Doom games on consoles or phones now should hold that thought, as there are reports that all three games might required both a Bethesda account login (Confirmed) and constant online connection to play them.


[UPDATE: Straight from Quakecon, all first three Doom games were now available on XONE, Switch & PS4. Doom I & II is now available on Android and iOS as well. (Doom 1 was already on iOS, I think?)]


On one hand, MechWarrior 5 is exclusive for 1 year on EGS. On the other hand, cloud saves will finally come to the EGS! Thank you, any hardworking people in Epic other than Tim Sweeney or Sergey. Now we'll wait for the shopping cart. Link on the comments.


Posted just around when Quakecon starts, this is a painful yet accurate watch for me as someone who likes Quake (but oblivious to its e-sports background)


Man, this is beautiful. Oddly enough, if I ever get to have a wedding video, this is the one I really want as the background music.


Heretic is OK. It was fun for the most part, but it really is Doom with a medieval skin along with infuriating level design. Heck, the two addon episodes were even crueler than Thy Flesh Consumed. Hope Hexen fares better.


[BUMP] Does anyone have any suggestions for some good Half-Life 1 single-player mods? Echoes was great, but I'm missing out on a lot of them. (Multiplayer mods were welcome too, but I'm unsure if I'll pay attention to them)


Am I doing this right?


Played Heretic for a while. So far so good, but it's undoubtedly Doom on a medieval skin. Heck, even the ethereal crossbow feels like the Doom Shotgun after you oneshot some enemies!


I should had join even the casual matches on Team Fortress 2 over the quickspawn fan servers years ago. Who knew playing TF normally would be more satisfying than screwing around at 2Fort waiting for free weapons?


Oh yeah, Happy Murica day, fellow Americans. Hope things get better soon for all of you. Also, come watch a shitty movie.


Yesh, CD Projekt RED finally gave us the official version of Johnny Silverhand's hit single.


Indie RE2make-esque survival horror (It was a fan remake of RE2 until the official announcements came about) with harder survival elements. Looks interesting, but it might turned off those who appreciated the polish and details of the actual RE2make.