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In the light of MW2019's Spec Ops being timed exclusive, I can't help but put up a shit-eating grin. Now the people who keep telling us to suck it up were now complaining about this. Now you know how we felt all this time, "free PC launcher" or otherwise.


Recently Rocket League lose its regional pricings of its base game and certain DLCs at certain countries (Mine's originally RM38). Seriously Psyonix, what is going on here? And get it sorted out ASAP if it's actually a pricing error.


It's done, Civvie's hit 100K. I can barely hear the echoes of that Gordon Ramsay clip repeatedly, while feeling his intense burning hatred towards the false magician for his mistreatment of the franchise as a whole. It's coming soon, alright.


[url="https://bit.ly/2kOT2SY"]Another PC launcher was born[/url], courtesy of Rockstar/Take-2 this time! On one hand, RDR2 will no doubt be 100% exclusive to it. On the other hand, at least it won't be EGS exclusive. (Sigh, PC gaming's kinda sucks now)


Niiiice. So looking forward to a poasible Pro Half-Life in the future. (And 2.5K subs left for Civvie to suffer through Duke Nukem Forever. For us.)


So Denuvo brought another pile of new problems on top of another towards Borderlands 3 and making it technically always-online. I'm shocked that the successor of SecuROM would be capable of such issues.


Apparently the reviewing for Borderlands 3 were really weird, with 2K "set reviewers up with new EGS accounts, and the game being a WIP", & no console copies for review. So certain reviewers faced technical issues like random crashes and progress losses.


I just went through the Undead Asylum on Dark Souls, and I'm interested, if not hooked from the start. I do have difficulties playing with a controller, but other than that, the gameplay seems less about being hard, and more "stop being Leeroy Jenkins".


Finally, found some quality fan-made documentaries regarding the Tiberium Wars. This is one of them.


Modding all the PC versions of GTA3, VC & SA to being as playable as the PS2 counterparts were a huge pain in the ass (loads of trial-and-error copy-pasting), but it was so worth playing the games as it should on the console (almost), but on HD and 60FPS.


Okay, I heard that Creative Assembly had recently jacked up the price of the Total War games, but the whole backlash about their partnership with NetEase was a bit sketchy, as I'm just unaware of what exactly happened.


Microsoft finally implemented the regional pricing of Gears 5 for certain countries on Steam. Wish they could do the same on their own MS Store/Xbox PC (even though I literally couldn't buy anything there), but it's still nice.


Sure, Toyota, sure. Forza Motorsport and GRID were actually illegal street racing, while Initial D and Wangan Midnight being local street races are A-OK. Just say you don't like people touching your cars in Western games, would you?


Had a fun time trying to buy Forza Motorsport 6 Premium off the Microsoft Store. Can't believe its payment system were even more restrictive than any other storefront I've used. Demands my card's exact info, and yet it doesn't have more spaces to type on.


Sooo... Fourth time's the charm? (Also, judging from the trailer: ProStreet at day, Carbon by night. Two older games in one new game. Truly ingenious, Ghost Games)


Just got my Roombo: First Blood review done here.


Rage 1 was OK. While little of its aspects stand out to me (aside from its id Tech 5 engine usage), but when combined together, the game provides an entertaining 20-hours worth of post-apocalyptic ultra-violence. Personally, I'd still prefer Mad Max.


Played a bit of Roombo: First Blood, a dark yet slapstick stealth game with the mechanics of Watch Dogs, about a roomba defending its owner's property by hacking the house to murder the burglars. A bit clunky to play for now, but a fun joy in short burst.


Paging birthday boy Kerrik52:


From the devs that made the Castlevania: The Lecarde Chronicles fan games, it's their first commercial (I think?) pre-SOTN Castlevania-esque title, with a Bloodstained-themed unlockable. Demo now available for the public.