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Casual & Biased Movie Review - Jurassic World (2014)


It's a well known fact that no one can top the original Jurassic Park with a sequel. Heck, even the original director Steven Spielberg tried that, and failed miserably even with two T-Rexes. While it's pretty much a foregone conclusion to everyone that Jurassic World won't even match up the original, it at least managed to become a worthy follow-up that's even better than the previous sequels

After 12 years of in-universe hellish development due to the Isla Nublar incident, Jurassic Park, under the 'new' name "Jurassic World", was finally opened to public in 2005, complete with Starbucks and IMAX! After 10 years of financial success for Masrani Corporation, the new owner of the park, we people were apparently sick of looking at normal dinosaurs again. And what better way to attract more visitors than to make a brand-new dinosaur? A carnivour with the T-Rex DNA mixed with other bloods we might not know of (One of them rumored to be human). It's the perfect monster to thrill us all again! What could possibly go wrong? Seriously.

Heeeereeee's Mossy!

For starters, the "park gone wrong" premise is essentially somewhat a retread of the original film, albeit with bigger budgets and futuristic tech. Obviously the main plot is that the scientists managed to create a Frankenstein out of dinosaurs. Not only it makes us audiences wondering what were they thinking on creating such monsters, the Frankenstein in question also serves as a metaphor towards the film industry that were more inclined to dump something old aside, and seek for something new & unfamiliar to attract boring audiences, instead of trying to renew the interest of moviegoers towards old stuffs. And speaking of old stuffs, there's a lot of call back to previous films for the audience to look out for.

The CGI dinosaurs are certainly improved most of the time here. While the CG are inevitably obvious on anything that moves fast in front of the camera, scenes involving dinosaurs that moves slowly looks more believable in our eyes. (For those who were saddened by the T-Rex being "dethroned" on JP3, you'll be delighted to hear that our old friend will be back with a vengeance, along with dishing out a very satisfying FU towards its former nemesis.)

I have big mouth and I must scream.

The human action scenes are what you would expect if you bring out soldiers who were unfamiliar with such creatures on a giant lizard hunt. They'll eventually being bited, eaten, lifted up to the sky and so on. Thankfully enough, the movie moves at quite a fast pace, as it waste no time introducing you to the park and goes straight into action. Naturally, the dino-vs-dino actions are by far the best parts in the movie (Complete with them destroying every single product placements on-screen), and I would argue that the final fight is the best dinosaur fight scenes I've ever seen, period.

On the other hand, like the first film, you'll probably care more about the dinosaurs than the humans themselves. But of course, if you're not interested in dinosaurs, you'll probably won't even bothered with the films in the first place. To the filmmakers' credits, they managed to flesh out the secondary cast a bit more, which is not saying much, but props for such thankless efforts though. Bryce Dallas Howard is the only one to get the most character development out of them all, from a park manager who's a workaholic that considered dinosaurs as mere experiments to someone who eventually cared more for her nephews and badass enough to survive with impressively-tough high heels. Chris Pratt acts more of the only sane badass who knew that treating dinosaurs as anything other than animals is a very bad idea. The nephews are slightly less annoying than the previous kids in the franchise. Vincent D'Onofrio being a bad guy who only have nefarious thoughts. Irrfan Khan is more-or-less an expy of Hammond, and so forth.

If Chris Pratt could do it, then surely lil' Nanako can do it too!

Even with the odds against it for 14 years during development, Jurassic World managed to mostly replicate, if not bring back, the spirit of the first film and succeeded not only being a fun popcorn flick, but also as a great sequel to the original film as well. Anyone who's a sucker for dinosaurs can go ahead and hop in for a good ride.

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