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Casual & Biased (& Dirt Quick) Movie Retrospective - Team America: World Police


Casual & Biased (& Dirt Quick) Movie Retrospective (4th of July Edition) - Team America: World Police (Too long for the title box above)

I seriously should start focusing on games soon, but eh, wouldn't hurt to give another movie article.

Play the video below for better effect.

Team America: World Police is the only two films to date that was made by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Justifiably, because making both a movie and an animated series at the same time really do stressed and burned the fuck out of them (At least they found out that being involved in video games are a much forgiving affair, lenient schedules and all). Despite not as profitable as their last movie, South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut, the film still managed to find quite an audience, even from funnily enough, non-Americans, thus effectively making it a cult classic.

It starts when the international police team, Team America arrives at Paris to stop those dastardly Middle Eastern terrorists from bombing(?) the beautiful city, which also involving blowing the shit out of those magnificently beautiful landmarks that would be costly to rebuild, in the name of stopping terrorism. But it's OK! As long as the terrorists are dead and the WMD(?) somehow destroyed without a mushroom cloud, everything is totally bon! (Everything really is bon, because thankfully the set are mostly filled with miniature buildings and marionettes) Alas, one of their members were shot dead, leaving his grieving girlfriend Lisa somewhat lost without a purpose. Which then led Team America to hire Gary, an already famous theater actor to assist them in stopping the terrorists from planning bigger nefarious plans with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il.


If anyone's guessing, the main point is how America's being a bit of a dick when it comes to solving problem. The left-wingers tried to stop them from going too far, but without realizing that they too gone too far, they asked help from obvious villains that shouldn't be trusted.

Or at least that's my own interpretation of the whole film. But enough digressing!

As expected from the South Park folks, the film mercilessly mock every single thing in it: US foreign politics, terrorism, and politically-correct celebs. You name it. For my opinion, the jokes are pretty good, even for someone who's pretty weak on politics. My particular favourite is when Team America unsubtly arrives at Egypt to do undercover and things get worse/hilarious from there. Kim Jong-il's Engrish are entertaining too, as they, for better or worse, still exist today. Not everything works, though, as The Film Actors Guild scenes are, for real lack of better words, weak.

The musical side of the film is where it excels. From the ironic patriotism of "America Fuck Yeah", to the surprisingly emotional "I'm So Ronery", the satiric songs are also pretty catchy as hell.


So in general, if you don't take kindly to the film mocking the worst side of something you'll agree, stay away from it. But if you don't mind the lampoonings that is somewhat important, give this movie a try. It'll be a love/hate affair you'll never forget, and who knows, sometimes we need a lil' bit of both for our own good. (I have no idea why typing this was a good idea)

As for the record, I REALLY need to write stuffs about games soon.

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