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I love cutscenes.

Cutscenes have become quite the controversial topic in recent times, with the age-old feud between �core� and �casual� gamers choosing the term as the latest battlefield. �Core� players see cutscenes as bloat, disrupting the pure flow of ...


Pok�mon X and Y: Thoughts

[This is my first post in a loooong while. Hello again.] � I�m addicted to Pok�mon. Again. Just when I thought I was out� � Pok�mon X and Y marks Game Freak�s first foray into AAA development for the 3DS, and they�ve entered with a bang. ...


Late Review: Dragon Age II: Mark of the Assassin

Dragon Age II�s Mark of the Assassin DLC introduces Tallis, an elven rogue seeking to steal the Heart of the Many, a gem with an undisclosed past secured within an Orlesian estate, under the guise of joining Hawke on a hunting trip. The D...


Late Review: Dragon Age II

Dragon Age II is one of most conflicting games I�ve played. On one hand, its tight, responsive combat system and unique art style provide satisfying highs; while on the other, the story, setting and RPG elements offer mundane monotony - o...


Late Review: Dead Space

Dead Space is a frightening game. I can vouch for this: it�s taken me two years, one month and six days to complete. I suppose you could say that I�d built up an irrational fear of it; the game seemed scarier in my head than it actually w...



Hi, my name's Ross. I've been a member of Destructoid for quite a while now, and I've been through quite a few accounts - mainly through me forgetting the password/email address. I'll pretend I'm new, so let's do some formalities. I'm 17 (...


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Hi, I'm Ross
Things have changed, but this generally covers me. In fact, lots of things have changed. Anyway, I like to play videogames, talk about them, and write about them. You may have seen me posting a few comments on the front page; it's rare, but it happens. You may have also seen me in the Forums, which I occasionally rear my head in as Brightside. Send me a friend request, here, there, or on any of my consoles. I'm sure we can be friends forever.*

Oh, and here's a Community Interview that I done did.

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