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I'm Annoyed(What else is new?); Double standards are Shit

So; WiiU. PSVita. Many would say they are birds of a feather. Two peas in a pod. They are both struggling in the market and are garnering much attention and claims of an early grave.

Except, they aren't at all the same. One has had a year to a year and a half to build its presence, something it has utterly failed to do while the other has just started. For the WiiU to recieve the same level of ire and criticism seems slightly skewed, but don't worry about that too much; because it is actually recieving WORSE treatment.

Just this morning, two previews for the Vitas heavy hitters popped up(By Hamza; I'll post them at bottom of the page) These two games seem standard at worst, so they are certainly worth paying attention to and deserve the spotlight they have been given. But my personal peeve lies with the wording... it seems so Rosey. So positive and lovey, it would seem like the Vita isn't in trouble at all. Which isn't a bad thing on its own... but then, nothing exsists in a vacuum.

Perhaps some of this is me being hyper sensitive. I have always noticed a sort of... double standard not just here, but through the whole industry. Both the 3ds and wiiu were trashed out the gate pretty much everywhere(Including here on d-toid), but the Vita was given more praise than criticism, more optimisim than doubt, and some very rosey wording where otherwise there would have been pity or scorn. But that's not all that compells me here: a few days ago, I read this:


Something I already knew... or felt I knew, but with added depth. More meaning... and a greater emphasis on the possibility that this biaism might actually be capable of having some effect. Something Nintendo has been dealing with for years now, long before 3ds or wiiu. But... why? What about everyone else?

Well, let me tell you something; The Vita has been tanking. Slower sales than WiiU. Few quality games all its own. A ridiculous price package(once Memcards are taken into account). Recently, a major price cut in Japan sparked the system into new life... but has since settled down. During all this has been a mix of Praise, criticism, doubt, death calls, hope, indifference. But for the media itself? Mostly just hope, if D-toid can be used as a sign to the matter; and seeing as how they are often quite harsh compared to their peers, I believe we can.

So, I've shown you the past and present... but why does that matter? Clinging to old feelings of "injustice" just makes one seem bitter, and certainly isn't wholly worth discussing or writing a blog about. Well, that's just it; My frustration is that this has everything to do with the Future. Not only how it May be affected, but [u]How it looks already[/u]�and the respective amount of negativity.�Now, like I said earlier nothing exsists in a complete vacuum. Not even time; so there will be some retrospective and past-to-future analytics here, but that is the nature of the beast.

WiiU. Floundering. No games. But its future is highlighted by 3 prospects; Unknown support, known mysteries and unreleased long awaited titles. We know the system has had troubles, but there is something obviously appearant that we seem to blind ourselves to; its best moments haven't even begun. We are cursing and laughing at a "Failure" that hasn'tEven played the hand [u]we already know it has.[/u]�Not to mention there could be aces up this proverbial sleeve; something this player is known for.

So, what does that have to do with Vita or double standards? The aforementioned previews help shed some light onto this: Negativity Vs positivity in similar situations... situations that couldn't be farther from each other when actually analyzed.

The Vita has had a year more to build support... that isn't there. Those two games are pretty much it, and then what? Well, not much. Japan has already seen its biggest releases this year, and now Vita has to try to keep sales going against a 3ds that hasn't seen ANY of its big releases for 2013. Japanese devs have shown very little support going forward in part due to favoing 3ds. And the west.. has never liked handhelds. Looking at the upcoming support, this should be pretty obvious. Post september, Vita has run out of games... but what about surprises? Well, 3 factors hamper this; first, Sony aren't good at keeping secrets. Most often, what we can see is what is coming, including mumors and rumors, of which there have been none. Second, Sony is most likely focuing on PS4, especially since they are a much smaller company than just 7 years ago when they could barely support ps3 and psp. And third, 3rd parties aren't too heavy on the system, as detailed above.

That is the situation; 2 systems. Both floundering. One with a potentially bright future, one with a potentially empty one. �One company constantly under fire, the other constantly given free passes. One with an unescapable negative perception, the other with an overly sunny one.�

There is clearly something wrong here, and I don't like it. A problem there may be no answer to, and That really annoys me. So I guess the only way I can cap off this blog is with an irritated statement; Double standards, lopsided treatment and baseless perceptions? Yes, they are shit.
(Speaking os shit, No pics... Maybe I'll add some if I can use an actual computer later. Blogs are finnicky on android...>.>;)

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