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Games I Done Beat This Year, Reviewed

Games I Done Beat There is a list of games on my backlog currently taped to my Wii U that stares at me as I write this. There are still six games on it that I haven't beaten, but I tried my darndest to get as many off the list as I cou...


A Thoughtful, Strong Boy

Once in a blue moon, a game will nestle itself deep within your heart, leaving a permanent imprint on your character. It's these games that prove to be the most special, the most impactful; these are the experiences that make certain g...


To Grandma

I owe a lot of my fondest memories to my grandma. My parents always loved travelling, so my brothers and I would stay at my grandparents' place for weeks at a time throughout our childhoods. There was always this sense of wonder when you w...



I've spent almost 54 days playing Europa Universalis IV. I don't mean that as in I started playing it 54 days ago, I mean that I've put nearly 1300 hours into that game. And now here I am, sitting on my couch, keyboard on my lap, wonde...


Thanks, fellas

I had my first panic attack when I was seven years old. My mum was dragging me into Sunday School on one of the few occasions my parents had deemed it necessary to have our souls saved from eternal damnation and whatnot. When we g...


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