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What I Played in 2018


Through 2018 I kept a list of all the games I started playing. This is going to basically be a copy/paste of that list. Kinda boring, but figured I still share it.

You can consider all the games on the list played to the end of the story unless noted. There are a few perpetual games in there which have no end, but I did spend a good amount of time with them. I'll add a rating. 

I'm writing this blog from my phone on the train, so please excuse the shit editing and dull formatting. 


Horizon Zero Dawn- 5/5 (Platinum)

God of War - 5/5

Spiderman- 4/5 (Platinum)

Assassin's Creed Origins- 4/5

Assassin's Creed Odyssey- 5/5

Far Cry 4- 4/5

Far Cry Primal- 3.5/5

Yakuza Kiwami- 4/5

Ni No Kuni 2- 4/5

Dishonored 2- Need to finish 

NiOh- 3.5/5

Resident Evil 7- 4.5/5

DmC Devil May Cry- 3/5

Alien Isolation- 5/5

Watch_Dogs- 3/5

Dark Souls 3- 5/5

Kingdom Hearts 1HD- 3/5


Hyper Light Drifter- 3.5/5

Civilization 6- 4/5

Smash- 5/5

Into the Breach- 5/5

Mario Tennis- 3.5/5

Okami- 5/5 Not finished Switch version (I've been through the game at least 5 times now. Play it!)

Moonlighter- 2.5/5

Hollow Knight- 5/5

Dead Cells- 4/5

Necrodancer- 3.5/5

Darkest Dungeon- 5/5

Oceanhorn- Not finished. Really didn't like it. Quit after 4 hours or so.

Hyrule Warriors- 5/5

Fruit Racing- 0/5 Won this on a Dtoid contest. Game is near unplayable. 

Yoku's Island Express- 4.5/5

Banner Saga 1-3- 4/5

Octopath Traveler- 4/5

Iconoclasts- 3.5/5

Thumper- 5/5

Runner 3- 3/5

Xenoblade 2- Not finished. Got kinda irritated by it. Maybe I'll go back to it sooner rather than later. 

Celeste- 5/5

Gungeon- 2.5/5

Curse of the Moon- 4/5

Don't Starve- 3/5 Great game, but worlds better on PC 

Night in the Woods- 4/5

That's it. Have a nice day. Love you!

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