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Some games I liked that maybe you will too.


So, Steam sale and all that jazz. I've got a little time to kill and I haven't posted a blog round these parts in a while, so how about I incoherently ramble on about a few games I really enjoyed that maybe you will too and use the opportunity of the Steam sale to give them a shot.  If you have suggestions that you think fit my taste shoot 'em my way!



Nordic mythology mixed with a Don Bluth artstyle and topped off with all voices in Icelandic! Sign me up! Having reletively easy stages to explore really let me soak in the beautiful artwork, animation, and music and set a nice contrast to the tough as nails, methodical boss battles where you fight big ol' giants. The narrative was simple yet captivating though the devs do take their liberties with the real mythology.


If you can get over how clunky this FMV point and click adventure game is (especially during the final act) you are in for one of the most fucked up games ever made. One of my favorite scenarios involves a loony legless military general who thinks I'm with the homosexual communists and then proceeds to launch nuclear armageddon. Somehow, for how gloriously fucked up this game is, it does make an interesting statement.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

An ode to H.P. Lovecraft and Weird Tales Magazine. Few games really get 'Lovecraftian' like Ethan Carter does. With slightly more agency than your average walking simulator, this game has you unraveling a mystery of a family gone mad. The atmosphere, setting, and music do wonders at enthralling you in the narrative. If you're a fan of Lovecraft's work, especially the stories outside of the Eldritch mythos, this game is a must.

Pillars of Eternity

Like Torment, Balduar's Gate, Icewind Dale, etc.? Good. Get Pillars of Eternity.  Everything you loved about the Infinity Engine games updated to modern times. Amazing story, characters, and world to boot. Seriously, some of the best writing ever to grace a video game. The narrative explore the idea of 'what if the soul was something quantifiable' and pulls it of marvously well. I'm hundreds of hours into the game and still am finding enjoyable stuff to do. Favorite quote: "You're god is a godless whore of god!" -Durrance

Ok, that's all I got time for. Hope one of these inspires you to spend your money on some digital art.  Peace!

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