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My Favorite Game Developers


Because who doesn't love lists? Here's my top five game developers. Because I'm lazy I'm being quite loose with the term. Some are publishers who house a variety of in house studios but whatever. It's that company's name I see when I boot up a favorite game. My only criteria is that they do have to have a prolific enough catalog. Two or three games under their belt ain't gonna cut it.

So, here goes! 

1- Nintendo 

Do I really need to explain why?

I've been gaming since the Atari days but it was that grey box that ruined my life forever. Since they moved into the video game business Nintendo has been the defacto bar of quality in games. And for good reason. 

If you buy a Nintendo game you know you are getting a shot of pure charm directly to your vein. No other developer can match the unbridled happiness a Nintendo game brings. From Mario to Zelda to Fire Emblem to everything between they got all their bases covered and incredibly rarely have they released a dud in their 30+ year run.

2- From Software 

It still boggles my mind how Dark Souls got so popular. It's a niche game that isn't exactly accessible. But Miyazaki and From somehow pulled it off with their series of oppressive, isolating, vague, masterfully crafted series of action RPGs. 

Playing a Seksoulsborne game in my opinion isn't difficult. They require you to slow down, pay attention, take in your surroundings, fail, and overcome through calm and calculated actions. Such as life. Slow down, pay attention, and fail without letting yourself get discouraged and you'll be able to overcome anything! 

3- Ubisoft 

Maybe I'll catch flack for this one but whatever. Sure they pull some stupid corporate bullshit time to time and can get formulaic, but in the end, they make a variety of outstanding games!

Top of the list of Ubi games for me is the Assassin's Creed series. I just have so much fun stabbing my way through silly renditions of history and climbing all over marvels of architecture. And the attention to detail they put into their recreations is astounding. I love it!

And then there's the chaotic Far Cry which is stupid good fun, Watch Dogs (2) which I find waaaaay better than any GTA or Rockstar game, Rayman, Just Dance (don't judge), Mario x Rabbids which is something which shouldn't work but Ubi pulled it off with flying colors, Ghost Recon, and while I don't play them but respect their quality, Soulbow's ejaculate, aka Siege and The Division. 

Give me a tower and I'll happily climb it :)

4- Square Enix

Currently I'm a bit iffy on Square. They just aren't churning out the quality games like they used to. But I can't deny their legacy. During the SNES, PS1, and PS2 era getting my hands on the latest Square game was a no-brainer. Final Fantasy, Vagrant Story, FF Tactics, Chrono Trigger and Cross, Brave Fencer Musashi, Dragon Quest, the list keeps going and going. 

When it comes to JRPGs, Square is king. I'm so happy they've been making an effort to keep the style of their classics alive with great games like Octopath Traveller and Bravely Default. This is what I want more of. Not overly ambitious, flashy 3/4 baked FF games. Do it Square! 

5- Platinum Games/Clover

Godhand.   That is all.



Ok, seriously, P* and the defunct Clover make some of the craziest and most memorable games of all time. They embrace the fun and beauty in playing games. From the surreal beauty of Òkami to a beefcake US senator jacked up on nanomachines to what the fuck ever Godhand is P* take an idea and run wild with it. Love it!

And then there's Bayonetta, Nier Automata, that crazy Transformers game, Viewtiful Joe (fucking bring back Joe dammit! ), Vanquish, Wonderful 101, and Madworld. Just so many games that are overflowing with creativity and solid gameplay. How anyone couldn't love a P* game is beyond me

Honorable Mentions:

Sony's first party studios


Lucas Arts

Konami before they became the embodiment of rancid diarrhea 


Who are your favorite game developers? 

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