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Word on the grapevine is FFT is going to be announced at TGA. Would be great timing as these guys are going to be etched into my skin very soon :)


Have a great day! Cursedmas in the comments.


I'm really disappointed I've yet to see Top 5 Butts on the FP :) Pic unrelated


This year's seasons The Bear, Sandman, The Boys, Severance, and Ozark (perfectly ended) are my favorites so far. Still gotta watch 1899, Addams' Family, and Only Murders in the Building. What are some of your favorite seasons of this year?


Have a great day! Cursedmas in the comments.


Anyone here have experience jailbreaking a New 3ds xl for purposes of getting around region locking and making backups of games that I own either physically or digitally. If this discussion is against qtoid rules I'll delete it. Pic unrelated.


Inspired by #Breadtoid I've taken up a new hobby the past few months. Here's today's bread. Sourdough with 25% rye flour, linen and pumpkin seeds, rolled oats, and walnuts. Needs some tweaking but my favorite yet!


Came across one of the best photos I've ever seen. David Bowie as Tilda Swinton and Tilda Swinton as David Bowie. Delightful!


For those of you who participate in the holiest of holidays starting tomorrow, remember to use good judgement and put your questionable #Cursedmas pics in the comments.


And the award for movie poster of the year goes to this.


My wife made me aware that Giving Tuesday is a thing and I like the initiative and would like to see it catch on. Consider donating to your local animal shelter or ASPCA or nature preservation/reforestation or whoever today, or whenever you want really.


I'm loving Tactics Ogre Reborn but while the gameplay is solid and fun it's really highlighting how tight and tactical the gameplay in Triangle Strategy really is by contrast and how robust FFT is regarding customization. Still has the best story tho'.


I'm a little sad that NES Remix and the Pushmo games aren't on Switch. Ports of the 3ds Boxboy games too. Pic unrelated.


I was born in the wrong era. Damn zombies and their fancy pants cell phones and intantgrams. /s Seriously though, maybe put your cell in your pocket when walking or driving, you don't multitask as well as you think you do. Have a great day!


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