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Alright. I'm 1000% out. Ya'll have a good one. I'll be around on Twitch and elsewhere but I don't have it in me anymore. Every time someone is just a casual piece of shit to a stranger it makes my blood boil. I don't like that feeling. So I'm out.


The pee after a CT scan is *amazing*. So. Much. Drinking. Before the peeing I mean, not the pee itself, I'm not Torchman.


As a follow up to my healthcare rant. I called my insurance and told them that it says CT Scans are a flat 500 dollars, not 1250 dollars. They called the imaging place and now I'm getting back 750 dollars. Double check your healthcare shit in the USA.


Hey guys! Sony sent me one too! LOL look at how much I played Yakuza games.


I mentioned recently that I'm doing ok financially but I'm not doing "American Health Care" good. Today I can attest that that is the case. As I just got hit with "Your scan tomorrow costs 1250 dollars." That's after my "insurance".


Not my goal but I want to thank folks for a nice surprise during an otherwise terrible couple months. 2021 is doing a great job of draining the color out of the world around me.


If you are Harold Large, Mike Martin, Fivefinger Delta, Mortyee, or Xeo7 on YouTube. Congratulations! Update: Xeo got their moneyz! If you are one of these folks hit me up on Discord. I'll pop up a reminder in the next couple days.


The Nixperience Band is an incredible quality of life improvement for FF15 that I'm somewhat stupefied was not part of the original game design. Being able to camp without screwing yourself for xp gains? Delightful.


Pointing out that Cyberpunk is buggy has become the internet equivalent of people asking a cashier "If it has no price tag that means it is free right?!!" It isn't clever, almost everyone has said it a hundred times today.


In some ways this whole GameStonk thing reminds me of Crypto. But basically nobody was supposed to know that the two are equally silly and this blew the lid off of it. How long that lid stays blown IDK, people forget things awfully fast.


While I haven't been very active this month because of recovering from stupendously painful nerve damage (which still isn't healed but at least I can think again) I am still running that contest. Link in the description. Super easy, can win giftcards! :)


A couple of my dinosaurs get loose and murder dozens of people and now my park rating has gone down. The nerve of these people. I gave them the coolest way to go out!


Twisting Corridors is probably the worst content Blizzard has made for World of Warcraft. It is about an hour long and the power curve is such that you can get to the very end then get one shot by any of the bosses moves and get nothing for your time.


I am gobsmacked by how much pain a human body can generate. I keep thinking this injury has peaked and it takes me to whole new realms of hell. Be careful out there, your body has a horrible power.


I love how many people here have black cats. Sweetest cats I've ever known. That said our Calico puts up a commanding fight for that crown.


Gunpoint is done. Solid game! The last level in particular was a real treat. May come back to it someday. Two games down in three days. Won't keep that up now that work starts tomorrow...


Anyone here got New Dawn and an Xbox? Only got this left to polish it off. Would only take about 3-5 minutes each. If so hit me up sometime!


The reformat worked! I got Jurassic World running :D. I named my first Dinosaur Chiclet.


Computer is having terrible troubles lately. Thinking it needs a good ole reformat. Realizing only now that doing that on the 1st of the year is thematically pleasant.


I've posted a very simple contest for this month over on the dtoid forums. Link in the description of this qpost. I won't be plugging it more than once a week absolute tops. So don't forget if you like free stuff.


Poetically I'm at 940 instead of 1000 because 2 of the achievements cannot be completed until they patch the bugs related. But my feelings on Cyberpunk 2077 are mostly positive. I finished on a stupendous high note that I imagine helped.


I'm with Xeo. Cyberpunk is buggy but I'm enjoying it quite a lot. It isn't my GOTY but I've finished the main story* and liked it. The cyberpunk future is a miserable awful hellscape marketed as a utopia. The real world reaction to it is super meta.


Looking at qposts when you can't comment is a uniquely agonizing experience.


Been playing a lot of Gods and Monsters lately. If you enjoy a surprising amount of Greek jokes that don't explain the punchline to you I can highly recommend it. The game handles really well and looks stupidly nice. Nice upbeat experience.


Beat the final eff you dungeon of Yakuza 7. I find it really sweet how often Yakuza games say nice things about you (or thank you) for doing things in them.


Been a couple weeks (13 days) since I cut out social networks from my life. I find that my knowledge of the goings on in the world apparently hasn't changed but my stress levels have largely plummeted. Even as work gets pretty intense.


Early impressions of Yakuza 7 is that it is a charming, lovely, engaging experience filled with fun characters. While it would deeply offend weebs, the English VA is really good. Lots of great additional lines (no subs, so probably ad libbing).


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