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Markiplier proving Cory and Jacksepticeye's point in the most Markiplier way possible is the best thing I've seen all day. See folks, this is why he's the King of YouTube!


I just heard about what happened to CoryXKenshin. Kinda glad I stopped doing YouTube. I'm brown and I'm gay. I have no future on that platform.


*rubs hand* I hope nobody has their tickets ready. *mad cackles*


Pictured: me sometimes. I don't know why I'm like this.


Testing the limits of Destructoid's community moderation. Let's see if this JOKE gets me banned. Once again, it's a JOKE, triggered folks. I'm posting this as a JOKE.


Normies: "Why would you play a gacha game that tries to scam you out of your life savings?" Me: "Dat thighs."


If it's stupid and it works, it ain't stupid.


Because a cat is fine too. *mad cackles*


So, this game definitely existed, right? It's not just a fevered dream of mine, right?


I present to you: Sexy Eeyore. *mad cackles*


Random Thoughts While Pooping #44444:why do game publishers love putting colons in their game's titles? What, they come up with two titles and can't decide which one to use so they used both?


The hero we need and deserve right now.


See kids, this is why spelling is important! (Context: the guy is trying to spell "milkshake" but never learned English in his life)


The copycat fanboy meets his idol at long last. (Art by: Ry-Spirit at DeviantArt)


Theme Song: "There's a 104 days of summer vacation...🎵" Me: "L I E S"


Not gonna lie: "anacondom" is my new favorite word now. *mad cackles*


Blasphemous joke time? Blasphemous joke time.


Random Thoughts While Pooping #272366: if Mars and Venus' symbols are the classic male-female gender symbols, which of the other planets would be perfect symbols for other groups like trans, non-binary, etc?


Random Rant While Pooping #0001: Indonesian homophobes' favorite line to shut you up anytime LGBTQ+ is brought up is to say, "Why are you talking about this? Are you gay?" And it's effective because if someone says "Yes" here then their life is over.


Okay, 'fess up: which one of you got to the Monkey's Paw again?!


Honestly, this lady concerns me than Pokemon GO ever did.


My lawyers have advised me to not explain why this is funny for me. Thank you, no further questions please.


HATE when they pulled this bullshit!


Not gonna lie: this would make me instantly forgive a lot of those "hearts darkness darkness hearts" nonsense if it was real.


Oh dear, it appears I have "accidentally" made a wrong turn to that side of the internet again. Silly me!


This is what is called a "Bleach Moment" in anime: all the villains come out of the shadows to pose all cool and sneer at you while you wait 300+ episodes before they even do anything.


So. Berserk got two new chapters. Well, more like one and a half considering how incredibly short the first one was. Thoughts?


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