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Honestly, this lady concerns me than Pokemon GO ever did.


My lawyers have advised me to not explain why this is funny for me. Thank you, no further questions please.


HATE when they pulled this bullshit!


Not gonna lie: this would make me instantly forgive a lot of those "hearts darkness darkness hearts" nonsense if it was real.


Oh dear, it appears I have "accidentally" made a wrong turn to that side of the internet again. Silly me!


This is what is called a "Bleach Moment" in anime: all the villains come out of the shadows to pose all cool and sneer at you while you wait 300+ episodes before they even do anything.


So. Berserk got two new chapters. Well, more like one and a half considering how incredibly short the first one was. Thoughts?


"Hitler did nothing wrong," says Hitler. https://t.co/2fagsqeyhR https://t.co/c3MBfBRGFT


Having gay parents must've been awful growing up: you either get twice the dad jokes or stuck in an endless loop of "Go ask your mom." Happy Pride Month, everybody!


I might be late to the party but here goes anyway: did you know when "Never Gonna Give You Up" is sped up it became a magical girls' anime opening song?


So my birthday present for myself, I got an ear-canal irrigation and an anti-inflammatory ear drops to treat the sores in my ear canals. Happy (?) Birthday to me?


The last TV show you watched is the title of your sex tape. What was it?


The news about what happened in Texas just reached us over here. We've been here before.The next time you see someone blaming gun violence exclusively on video games, show them this:


Three questions in every weeb's mind: 1) What will happen to Berserk? 2) Will One Piece ever ends? 3) Will Hunter X Hunter ever BEGINS?


Gamers: "Male magicians have to be frail-looking and definitely can't throw a punch!"; Heizou: "Hold my sake and watch this." (artist: Tsukiakii)


Make it a gay goth ghost boy who can possess me anytime he felt horny and you got yourself a sale, lady!


Anybody seen my World's Smallest Violin? I got a song to play for these finance bros.


Random Thoughts While Pooping #6523456: "Cream the Rabbit" sounds like something that would get you put on a watchlist if spoken verbally and taken completely out of context.


"So who should be our main character? Oh I know: how about Generic White Guy #27752?" - Game developers, allegedly


Random Thoughts While Pooping Star Wars Edition: if the Klingons' Birds of Prey were supposed to be massive, how come they all looked so cramped during bridge scenes in The Next Generation? Any in-universe explanation for that?


Caption contest? Caption contest. Please caption this picture:


See, this would've been heartwarming if I don't also remember that Malenia's boss fight was BUUUUUULLLSHIIIIIIIT!! (Art: "Malenia and Miquella", by jdoriimu)


Sesame Street is way darker than I remembered it, you guys:


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