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Happy thanksgiving to y'all, my favorite bunch of weirdos!


My friend finally got his Twitter account restricted. This was his last post before the sanction. "Comedy is now legal" INDEED!


My Twitter got restricted after calling Musk out on his stupid 8 dollars per Blue Check idea. I wear that like a badge of honor nowadays.


Random Thoughts While Pooping Harry Potter Edition: As much as I disliked Rowling's ramblings and the direction the new movies are going, I do wished they show a game of Quodpot. You know, that magic football game with hand grenades and explosives.


Sonic's daddy has been arrested. Somewhere in Japan, Shigeru Miyamoto is sadly shaking his head. https://kotaku.com/yuji-naka-sonic-hedgehog-dragon-quest-arrested-crime-1849799553


Random Thoughts While Pooping #0986178: What is the worst fictional universe to grow up in? My vote is for the Star Wars universe. Between the warring factions, child slavery, and eldritch abominations, it's a wonder anybody managed to grow up at all!


And the paid blue tick chaos of Twitter continues to make me laugh and laugh.


Watching Elon Musk destroy himself on Twitter gets funnier every day. I don't have to wish him to go to hell; he's already in it.


Final Fantasy XVI: Game of Thrones, Starring Godzilla and Ultraman.


DESTRUCTOID...🎶After Dark🎶 Tonight's Episode: Were You Freaked Out or Amazed When You Discovered 'Playing With Yourself'?


Anybody else got sick over the SEO techniques found on Google recommended articles like repeating the game's title 17 different times to make sure the Googlebots picked it up? It felt so unnatural, like it was written by a robot instead of a real person.


It's a priest and altar boy joke, but not the one you expected:


You can never convince me that Xenomorphs don't sound like douchey frat bros if they can speak English.


So I've tried using Edge to open Destructoid and the "join the conversation" button actually does something now. Is that what we're supposed to do? Are we not allowed to use Firefox or Chrome anymore to leave a comment on the website? If so, why?


While waiting for the articles' comments section to be repaired, I can catch up on my dad jokes.


Anybody else have a "Join the conversation" button that does nothing when clicked on a Destructoid article? Am I finally banned from the site for something stupid that I said?


Instead of saying "I haven't find the right one" when some busybody asked why you aren't married, tell them you're ending your own cursed bloodline instead:


The best part? It's a real book and it's incredibly wholesome.


So is this a pro or anti bullying message?


Random Thoughts While Pooping #271881: The fact that we have all these CGI technologies today and we STILL do not have a live-action movie based on Contra: Shattered Soldier is nothing short of a travesty!


In case you forgot, gay guys are still just guys. Unless it's convenient for us, we just won't make the effort.


Whatever it is that UFOTable is coming up with for their Genshin Impact anime, I'm pretty sure they can't top what some of the hardcore fans have come up with on their own:


My working theory is that they all used to dress like Feudal Lords and Ladies before the emissaries from Fantasy France made fun of their old-fashioned clothings.


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